School Trip Biology Ideas

Biology is a fascinating curriculum subject that covers many different topics at primary and secondary level, here at UK School Trips since 2006 we have proudly listed on the directory some fantastic venues and workshops that cover this subject in multiple ways through interactive tours, exciting workshops and hands on experiences that students and pupils will never forget.

School Trip Biology can cover subject areas such as:

Biodiversity and Evolution

Natural resources, Environment and Species Survival

Ecosystems and Sustainability


Anatomical Specimens / Human Body

Many of the school trip ideas listed provide and complement studies in the classroom, whether you want to become a marine biologist researching the natural world to a vet caring and saving a range of animal’s biology is so important in the world today. Students and pupils on a the trip will gain first-hand experience by researching in workshop projects gaining skills such as problem solving, working in a team, using organisational skills and analytical skills to name a few, plus having a fun enjoyable trip with friends and classmates.

Biology is a key subject for lots of STEM careers and on a school trip you will experience these environments from an environment/science centre, field trip, zoo, wild life centre, outdoor environment centres, anatomical interactive Museum, wildlife centres, safaris parks, space discovery centres, forest schools and a multitude of workshop services. So, to all you hard working head teachers and educational visit co-ordinators and heroes in the education sector start looking for great ideas and options for planning your biology school trip below via UK School Trips directory.

School Trip Biology Ideas

Crocodiles of the World Zoo Oxfordshire

Crocodiles of the World are the UK’s only crocodile zoo, with its largest crocodile collection and one of the best collections in Europe they provide excellent workshops for school trips and educational groups.

Crocodiles of the World Zoo Workshops Oxfordshire

As one of the most unique zoo’s in the UK, we have an amazing wildlife ‘classroom’ to help bring the curriculum to life. Since we are a zoo, we can cater for sessions not only on biology, but also business studies, physics, chemistry and tourism.

West Midland Safari and Leisure Park

West Midlands Safari Park is an award-winning visitor attraction, making it a fantastic option for school trips and educational visits. Experience and explore the World of conservation at their new Safari Academy in a day full of learning.

The World Outside Bodenham Arboretum

Offering curriculum linked activities on a working farm with in the beautiful surroundings of Bodenham Arboretum. All key stages catered for with experiential learning, developing inquisitive & positive relationships within the natural  environment. 

Explorer Dome Hands-On Science Shows

Explorer Dome brings science to life with engaging workshops that cover aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science. These workshops are specifically designed to enhance scientific learning and increase interest in these subjects!
Region :
  • South East
  • London
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • Wales
  • South West
Age Group :
  • PreSchool
  • 5 to 7 years
  • 8 to 10 years
  • 11 to 13 years
  • 14 to 16 years
  • College
  • University
Accessible / Disabled Facilities : No
Months Open :
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
Days Open :
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
Phone : +44 (0) 117 9141526
What is typically included on our school trips? :

Every show is different!

Age, ability, background and interests, whether you are starting a topic or ending it with a 'wow'. We like to pitch the show for your group and bring presenters with ideal skills and knowledge, so when you get in touch, do let us know more about your group.

Our shows in the Dome (25-40 people per show) include: 

Space – Light – Sound(KS2 only) – Forces – Environment/Earth – Body/Cells – Water – Winter(Nov/Dec only)

Our Chemistry shows (which don’t use the Dome and can accommodate up to 70 children per show) are: Bubbles – States of Matter – Science Tricks

We also offer Rocket science shows and workshops (run by Steve Shapland, the ‘Rocket Man’): one interactive show accommodates up to 60 children, and each hands-on workshop accommodates up to 30 children. We recommend combining a show with a couple of workshops for the same children for a fab rocket filled day!

Group Sizes Catered For :

25-40 people per Dome show, 60-70 people per Chemistry show or Rocket show, up to 30 people per Rocket Workshop.

Materials, Resources & Information Provided :

Some – please ask for more information as this is an area we are currently working on. 

Photography, Filming & Audio Restrictions :

Photography/filming etc welcome, provided that credit/mention is given to Explorer Dome please.

Pricing Information :

The Cost of a Visit from Explorer Dome

Our prices depend on where you are, what sort of shows you would like and how many shows you need. Shows in the Dome, Chemistry shows and Rocket shows/workshops are all priced separately. See below for details but if in doubt, or if you would like a combination of shows then please just get in touch.

The costs below are guide prices for schools in the South West of England, South Wales and the Midlands. If you are further afield, please ask and we can advise you on the cost of a visit. We frequently travel nationally and internationally. For events with big numbers of participants, we can bring our larger Domes, bring two or more Domes, or stay for more than one day.

Booking our Dome Shows

Our Standard Dome accommodates up to 30 (KS1/2) or 25 (KS3/4) students per show and requires a smooth clean floor area of 6m x 7m, a clear ceiling height of 3.5m and access to mains power:

  • £360 + VAT = A morning of up to 3 shows
  • Additional shows cost £90 + VAT per show (for example, 4 shows = £450 + VAT)
  • A full day of shows can usually accommodate 6 or 7 shows (£630 + VAT)
  • Reduced rates of £270 + VAT may be available for afternoon visits if we are already in your area

Our Large Dome accommodates up to 40 (KS1/2) or 30 (KS3/4) students per show and requires a smooth clean floor area of 8m x 9m, a clear ceiling height of 3.5m and access to mains power:

  • £450 + VAT = a morning of up to 3 shows
  • Additional shows cost £100 + VAT per show
  • A full day of shows can usually accommodate 6 shows (£750 + VAT)

Great news for schools in Bristol, Bath or Birmingham. BS or BA postcode qualify for our reduced rate for all Dome bookings. Schools local to our base in the Midlands (within the M5/M6/M42) are entitled to a reduced rate for Space, Light and Forces shows. Please contact us for details! 

Booking our Chemistry Shows

The Bubble Show, States of Matter and Science Tricks shows don’t use the Dome and are suitable for up to 70 (KS1/2) or 60 (KS3/4) students per show. Cost depends on the number of shows you would like to have:

  • £360 + VAT = A morning of 1 or 2 shows
  • Additional shows cost £100 + VAT per show (e.g. 3 shows = £460 + VAT)
  • A full day of shows can usually accommodate up to 4 shows (£560 + VAT)

Great news! Schools in Bristol, Bath and some parts of Somerset, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire have support from the Bristol & District branch of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The RSC may fund up to 40% of the cost of your chemistry show visit. However, the allocation of these funds is annual and distributed on a first come first served basis so please get in touch for more information.

Booking Rocket Shows or Workshops

Steve Shapland 'The Rocket Man' is based in Dorset and so these prices are for schools in Bath, Bristol, Hampshire, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. Rocket Shows are suitable for up to 60 students and the workshops accommodate a maximum of 30 students:

  • £340 + VAT = A half day visit with 1 show and 2 workshops
  • £600 + VAT = A full day visit with 2 shows and 4 workshops
    You may wish to have a different combination of shows and/or workshops for your visit so please contact us for more information and a custom quote.
Clothing Requirements :

For shows in the Dome, audience members are requested to remove their shoes and crawl through a tunnel in order to gain access into the Dome. Adults/staff may appreciate advance warning!

First Aid Information :

We always work in schools/venues which have a first aider on site.

Testimonials :

Testimonials can be found at the bottom of every page on our website:

Other Information :

All you need to know to plan a visit

Where do we travel?

We regularly travel throughout the Midlands and the South West of the UK, from Northamptonshire and Leicestershire down to the tip of Cornwall and from Oxfordshire across all of South Wales. 
If you are out of our normal area, we can still come! We will charge a minimum fee of our full day rate which of course includes a full day of shows. We also travel internationally.

Why not have a look at a map of our recent travels to give you an idea of where we have been!

How big is the Dome?

Our Standard Dome takes up a floor area of 6 metres x 7 metres. The height is 3.5 metres - and it is worth checking for suprise hanging projectors and lights! As a rule of thumb, we can fit about 30 people inside the Dome per show, but if you have older students or adults, you will need our larger Dome (which still requires 3.5 metres height, but takes up a larger 8 metres x 9 metres floor area). If you have classes of infants or juniors, you can get up to 40 inside this larger Dome!

Chemistry and Rocket Science shows do not use the Dome and so can accommodate up to 70 per show.

What does a venue need to provide?

Dome visits need an indoor space large enough with a smooth, clean floor and access to mains power. The Dome can only be outside if housed in a floored marquee... otherwise it will blow away!

Chemistry and Rocket shows require a space large enough to accommodate your audience and access to 2 tables and mains power. Chemistry shows also need hot water, but it does not need to be in the same room. If some of your audience would benefit from being on benches or chair, it would be really helpful to have these nearby or set up at the start of the day.

How does a timetable work?

Shows last between 40 and 55 mins, depending on your audience and timetable requirements. We can usually fit 2 or 3 shows into a morning and 6 or 7 shows into a full day visit, but capacity of shows and timetables vary depending on the type of show you choose.

If you visit the page for a particular show topic from the menu above, each show summary has detailed information of the capacity of each show, length and national curriculum links.

We can certainly bring an array of different show topics in the same visit, but this may reduce the number of shows possible to fit in a single day.

What else should you know?

We will need reasonable vehicle access to the hall – let us know if access is likely to be poor (e.g. many steps or long distances) as this will affect the schedule and the preparations we need to make for the day.

At least one member of staff must accompany the children during the shows but we promise they will enjoy it! For family shows, all children under 7 should be accompanied by an adult.

If you prefer, do feel free to get in touch and we can help with your plan.

Schools for Children with Special Needs

We love the work we do with SEN schools as the Dome is a wonderfully immersive and relaxing environment and a perfect place to learn for children with special educational needs. Merging the very best bits from different shows, we aim to make the shows as multisensory as possible. We recommend themes of 'Space and Rockets' (inside the Dome) or 'Bubbles' (outside the Dome) for all abilities, but can adapt most of our other themes for children at NC level 1 or above.

People who can't crawl or are in wheelchairs can be accommodated, but this does reduce the capacity for our Dome shows so please notify us in advance.
We recommend a maximum capacity of 25 inside the Dome including teaching staff and carers and for EBD students we would suggest smaller class sizes than this.

Some presentations include flashing lights and loud noises so presenters should be notified of children who are adversely effected by this (e.g. behavioural difficulties, autism or epilepsy) and we can adapt the shows accordingly. We can give you a full break down of the show in advance and our presenters can use some Makaton signing in the shows to help with understanding.

Booking information :

Call us: + 44 (0) 117 9141526

Email us:

Get in touch through our website:

CRB Checked Staff : Yes
What are our school workshops like? :

We bring science alive to over 50 000 children and adults every year – and love every minute!

Different science topics

We have a variety of shows that cover aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences. Our shows are truly cross-curricular, designed to support and enhance science learning at all key stages. 

Shows for your audience

All our shows are led by enthusiastic, talented and fun science presenters who work with toddlers, schools groups, families and specialist adult audiences. We have the experience to tailor the sessions for the distinct age, interests and abilities of your group.

Travelling throughout the UK

Based in Bristol and Birmingham, we regularly visit schools from the Midlands down to the very tip of Cornwall, from Pembrokeshire across to the Home Counties and London, and we also ferry and fly our equipment to the islands and across to Europe and beyond! 

Established in 1998!

Our signature, effective approach is hands-on and interactive. 
We have been around for a while and continue to grow to cope with demand. Over the yearswe have met over a million children and have enjoyed every moment!

Areas Visited :

All days/times – including term time, holidays, daytimes, evenings, weekends, depending on availability. 

Regions: South-West, West Midlands, East Midlands, Wales, London, South-East

Nature Centre at Habitat Survival Trust Wildlife and Nature Environment Warwickshire

Visits embrace a short educational talk &video; guided observation walks around the grounds with plenty of wildlife info, plus a talk & demonstration by an animal handler. There is a modern classroom facility, toilets, changing rooms & picnic area.

Shortenills Environmental Education Centre

Shortenills is set within in 10 tranquil acres of mixed woodland and large enclosed ponds. It makes curriculum learning an inspirational outdoor adventure using the ‘awe and wonder’ of nature and sustainable living as a central focus.

Big Hat Bushcamp School Bushcraft Courses Surrey

The aim of Big Hat Bushcamp is to give schools the ultimate bushcraft experience & leave all who visit with the knowledge and confidence to safely enjoy the outdoors. the activities are designed to promote personal development, teamwork & leadership.

Bickley Hall Farm Wildlife Discovery Centre Cheshire

Bickley Hall Farm (Wildlife trust) provides fantastic opportunities for outdoor learning and compliments the National Curriculum, Our delivery staff are experienced environmental educators who are ready for your educational group.

Science & Dinosaur Digital Mobile Dome Nationwide

Science Dome offers a variety of shows for all age groups, including the Moon landings, a trip through the Solar System, Rocks and Soils, and Dinosaurs.

Carymoor Environmental Education Centre Somerset

Carymoor Environmental Trust provides inspirational outdoor learning. Our nature reserve has a wide variety of habitats to explore and our unique location next to a working landfill site makes Carymoor the perfect place to bring green issues to life.

Medina Valley Centre Activities and Field Studies Isle of Wight

Medina Valley Centre provides bespoke programmes that are developed to fit the needs of your school trip, whether that be by focusing on academic field studies or adventurous activities.

Woburn Safari Park Bedfordshire

Exciting & educational day for children of all ages, with over 1000 wild animals in over 300 acres of beautiful parkland; you’ll get an unparalleled close encounters with some of the world’s most magnificent & endangered animals.

Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife & Falconry Centre Yorkshire

School groups will find an unforgettable learning experience at the Tropical Butterfly House. You will find our curriculum-based Education Programme is flexible, interactive & lots of fun! Perfect for a school trip who want to learn about wildlife.

Hampstead Heath Schools Programme London

thumb_Hampstead Heath Education 1
Hampstead Heath Schools Programme offers exciting school trips, where students have the chance to discover a natural environment and various different organisms, while still remaining in London.

Wildwood Trust Wildlife Education Kent

Wildlife park for British animals only, past & present, set in an ancient coppiced woodland. The education team uses both the animal collection (including wolves, lynx, owls, deer, wild boar, bison, badgers, elk & reindeer) & the woodland for teaching.

Body Worlds London

BODY WORLDS London is the perfect place for your school trip. Our plastinates and thought-provoking interactives will educate and challenge pupils, making it possible for the entire class to study the inner workings of the human body into great detail.

Fizz Pop Science Workshops Shows and Parties

Fizz Pop Science offers scientific workshops, where themes of physics, biology and chemistry can be explored from the comfort of your own classroom.

Avon Wildlife Trust Feed Bristol

Avon Wildlife Trust’s Feed Bristol is an urban wildlife paradise and a community food growing hub, perfect for school visits about food, nutrition, the environment and wildlife in an urban setting.

Rippledown Environmental Centre Kent

We provide 40 years of experience in delivering High Quality Outdoor Learning and nature awareness. For Primary & Secondary schools they can enjoy Sensory learning, pond dipping, Minibeast Hunts, Renewable Energy & Eco Building plus so much more.

Drusillas Park East Sussex

Drusillas Park provides fun educational visits for younger students, where classes can get up close and personal with various animals and also enjoy the fabulous play area with numerous slides, swings and climbable things.

Immersive Experiences Mobile Planetarium School Workshops Nationwide

Immersive Experiences is the UK's multi-award-winning immersive learning/entertainment outreach provider, reaching a record breaking 200,000 people a year.

Jimmy's Farm Zoo and Wildlife Park Suffolk

Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park offers engaging and interactive school trips! You have the opportunity to tailor your visit to the individual needs of your group, with supervised or unsupervised visits and lots of exciting workshops to choose from.

The Pines Garden Coastal Forest School And Museum Dover

The Pines Garden Coastal Forest School Dover, Perfect for your schools outdoor environment learning such as tree, plant, mammal & insect identification, dead hedging, basket making, bushcraft, camp building, Woodland, meadow and hedgerow biodiversity.

Paultons Theme Park Hampshire

Home to 60 rides and attractions, and set in over 140 acres of beautiful gardens, Paultons is the ideal venue for an exciting and stimulating school visit.

Path Hill Outdoors Environmental Outdoor Activities

We offer outdoor challenges, combining personal and social development with an understanding and respect for the natural environment.

Nature Conservation Ranger Team

The James Leal Centre is a new state of the art, eco building within Ray Park, which was officially opened in Dec 2009. Packed full of sustainable features with a bold contemporary look, it is well designed to meet with the modern needs of all users.

Holt Hall Environmental & Outdoor Learning Centre Norfolk

Holt Hall, home to Norfolk County Council's Environmental and Outdoor Learning Team, specialises in using the outdoors and environment to develop skills and raise achievement.

Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Hertfordshire

Airbus Foundation Discovery Space education programme is linked to key stage 2 & 3 of the curriculum, designed and delivered by North Hertfordshire College and tailored to your group’s needs. with 3 state of the art discovery zones for school groups.

Pelham Centre for the Environment Essex

Pelham is close to Stansted and the M11 on the Hertfordshire border. The centre manages nature reserves which act as outdoor classrooms for visiting groups.

St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Buckinghamshire

Set in the peaceful grounds of Tiggywinkles the worlds largest wildlife hospital and Europes first teaching hospital we have developed a very popular educational trail with the chance of meeting some of our permanent residents.

Buzz Active Bushy Wood Activity Centre East Sussex

Buzz Active Bushy Wood Activity Centre provides students with an exciting school trips experience, in which they have the opportunity to take part in numerous outdoor adventures.

Avon Wildlife Trust Folly Farm Centre Bristol

Folly Farm is an award-winning, sustainable education centre, set in a 250-acre nature reserve in the Chew Valley – just 10 miles from Bath and Bristol.

Bore Place Kent

Bore Place offers the ideal location and excellent facilities that are needed for an outdoor school trip. Students have the chance to explore farming and wildlife, furthering their knowledge on the environment and the countryside.

New Forest Wildlife Park Southampton

Based in the New Forest (National Park). You will find Europe’s largest collection of otters, owls, deer, badgers, lynx, mink, polecats, foxes, Scottish wildcats, pine martens, wallabies, wild boar, wolves & many more species of indigenous wildlife.

Leeson House Field Studies Centre Dorset

An ideal venue for Primary to A Level field study trips; a secluded, comfortable manor house on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, close to many classic geography, geology & biology fieldwork sites, set within 7 acres of inspiring & diverse grounds.
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