Wind Farm School Trip Ideas

Wind Farm School Trips and Workshops provide excellent and engaging activities to expand your students’ knowledge on the importance of climate change and offshore wind energy for the environment we live in! Wind Farm School Trips allow students to take part in practical sessions concentrating on wind power and renewable energy. Workshops in this area provide a deeper understanding of offshore wind and how wind farms and turbines affect global climate change itself.
Activities could include;
• Interactive tasks on wind direction and speed
• wind turbine construction sessions
• creative or design a wind farm
• interactive exhibitions and presentations on the importance of wind turbines
Possible Interlinked Curriculum Topics Covered;
• physics
• geography
• environmental science
Wind Farm School Trips and Workshops are brilliant for all key stages as they allow for immersive learning experiences involving electricity and energy, whilst discovering the role of engineers in the industry. To understand the world we live in and modern day energy generation, wind farm school trips are perfect for everyone!

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