Brexit and ski holidays: cost-cutting tips for a snow getaway

With experts telling us we should fear a rise in costs because of Brexit — such as the family holiday — it seems that the number of us likely to jet off to enjoy fun on the slopes might be in danger. From Eastern Europe to the west coast of the United States, Brits will usually go almost anywhere to enjoy skiing and boarding on real snow. But, is this attitude likely to change as uncertainty around Brexit gains momentum before the official leaving date of March 2019?

Here, we explore the impact of the EU divorce on family skiing holidays and offer you advice on shrewdly slashing prices to keep your getaway as pocket-friendly as possible.

Brexit and skiing

Brexit has been part of debates and discussions across all industries and organisations, but how does it affect the holiday sector — particularly skiing trips? A report in The Telegraph commented that ski operators in the UK had to increase prices up to 20% to cover the weakened pound, with ski operator, Mountain Heaven, claiming that Brexit was having a “significant impact on the industry”. The comments of industry professionals are, of course, important. But what are the holidaymakers who are booking these trips saying about Brexit and their inclination to keep skiing?

Apparently, their views are more positive. Chill Factore is a premier tourist attraction in Manchester, and according to its survey of over 2,000 skiers and snowboarders, 70% of families with children older than 16 years claimed that a rise in cost to their skiing holiday would not put them off a trip. Arguably, Brits are not deterred so easily, despite a holiday being a luxury item.

In support of this defiance against the uncertainty of the British pound, 65% of these families said that they will still jet off on their usual winter skiing holidays in spite of the unpredictability of currency — but why?

As we mentioned, holidays and even taking part in sports generally, are considered luxury or leisure pursuits — not like stocking the kitchen cupboards are powering the home. So, what are the reasons behind the majority of people who were asked in this survey for choosing to spend money on a skiing getaway?

Reportedly, fresh air, beautiful scenery and the excitement of soaring down the slopes are the major reasons behind families opting to ignore the scaremongering and book up for fun in the snow.

But of course, it’s often good to be cautious with cash, and saving money wherever possible is always a good thing, regardless of the economy and political atmosphere. So, Chill Factore’s skiing instructor and Val-d’Isère Seasonaire, Rob Jones, has shared his main tips for enjoying an unforgettable skiing holiday this year, without going over budget.

Practice prior to the holiday

Whether you’re an experienced skier or not, honing your skills a few weeks before you fly is essential if you want to get the most out of your trip. Part of the skiing holiday fun is enjoying time with your group or family — something you won’t be able to do as much if you’re spending more time than usual finding your snow legs.

So, get your money’s worth and experience all the other aspects of fun on the slopes — like the great restaurants and local activities — by booking a few ski lessons beforehand.

Go for a catered chalet

This type of ski chalet is kindest on your bank balance. Why? You can better budget your meals throughout your holiday, which means you still get to savour quality food, but aren’t as likely to overspend.

Don’t buy equipment

You can get great deals on hiring prices if you enquire before you fly. Ski clothing and kit is expensive, so save a bit of cash by simply hiring for you and your family. Even better, you can save on the baggage costs at the airport!

Book lift passes

Many ski resorts offer a discount or family package deal when you book lift passes well in advance, so don’t put it off.

Enjoy a snow picnic

Food and drink can really hike up the overall cost of a family skiing holiday — but what can you do? Get a few treats from nearby stores and eateries and take the family for a snow picnic at lunchtime instead of booking a table at one of the resort’s more costly restaurants. In fact, some chalet hosts will pack a picnic using local bakeries and shops for you to enjoy.

Evidently, Brexit is not harming our love or determination to enjoy our snow holidays. But if you want to be careful with your money while still enjoying the slopes, take our tips on board when you book.

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