World War School Trip

Planning a World War 1 or World War 2 School Trip? this history school topic provides teachers and students with a fascinating in-site into the first global World Wars that effected and devastated many peoples, cultures, lifestyles and wellbeing. From War in Western/Eastern Europe to the Pacific/Central Asia and the North African continent.  Students and educational groups will experience first-hand interactive tours, workshops, presentations, film archive and artifacts big and small from weapons of war such as devastating machine guns, mechanised tanks, military aircraft and underwater submarines to the brutal starvation and treatment of people’s beliefs and way of life.

Here at UK School Trips, we have some fantastic venues providing high quality subject matter interlinked to the curriculum which will surprise, shock and fascinate your students understanding of these two historical World War events and best of all they get to expand their understanding and historical knowledge outside of the classroom and in a new environment.

WWI and WWII school interactive experiences might include:

Battle of the Somme, Home Front, Armistice, Empire and Commonwealth, Trenches, Aviation, Food and Rationing.  Children at war experience, dress as an evacuee, Dig for Victory Garden, Experience the Blitz, Women in Wartime and the Holocaust.

These excellent venues will provide you with numerous ideas, inspiration and bespoke learning packages for your Primary or Secondary school or educational group. So, get searching on UK School Trips!

World War 1 & 2 School Trip Ideas

Churchill War Rooms London

In the Churchill War Rooms London students can discover what life would have been like during the tense days and nights of the Second World

HMS Belfast London

Step on board this iconic London landmark the HMS Belfast in London. The most significant surviving Second World War Royal Navy warship, HMS Belfast’s unique

Yorkshire Air Museum

Join us for a day of fun, discovery and excitement at the Yorkshire Air Museum where our guides will bring to life over 150 years

Imperial War Museum London

The (IWM) Imperial War Museum London provides students with an historical experience that cannot be found anywhere else. From exploring the causes of a world

Imperial War Museum North

If you’re searching for an immersive School Trip experience, look no further. (IWM) Imperial War Museum North has a variety of historically engaging exhibitions, which

Carlisle Castle Cumbria

An impressive frontier fortress with 900 years of history – excellent for Medieval, Tudor and Civil War topics. Carlisle Castle provides students with a sense

English Heritage North East

We aim to promote a greater understanding & enjoyment of the historic environment. We offer learning groups FREE ENTRY to 400 + venues, along with

Imperial War Museum Duxford

Here at the IWM (Imperial War Museum) Duxford, students can climb aboard historic aircrafts as well as visit the very rooms where Duxford’s Battle of

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