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South East England School Trip Ideas

The South East of England has many fantastic counties that offer many different options when planning your school trip or educational visit in the South East. The counties that make up this school trip region can offer rich historical towns packed full of museums, historical buildings or fun activities such as cinema or bowling venues.

Many of the counties that make up this region also offer hundreds of miles of natural beauty including endless countryside, rolling hills, woodlands and coastal landscapes perfect for dipping your feet in the English Channel or a fun packed residential activity centre where your students can challenge themselves with varied activities or study the environment that the location offers on an environmental field trip.

Many of the venues, accommodation and service providers based in these home counties offer fantastic locations, excellent facilities and experience to make sure that your day trip in the south east is a memorable one. The workshops, tours, exhibitions and activities are interlinked to the national curriculum. Plus, many of these services can be tailormade specifically to your group’s needs.

We are proud to list below some fantastic options for your school trip in the South East below, or visit our plan your school trip page to refine your search or to search for South East England school trip ideas by distance.

London School Trip Ideas

London is a very popular destination for school trips and other outings.  With so much to choose from you can cover so many different subjects and visit a number of educational sights and places of interest in a single school visit to London. 

From historical sites to museums and major tourist attractions London offers it all and we understand making a choice for your school trip to London can be hard.  Here at UK School trips we have a wide range of venues, locations and service providers in and around London, to help you plan a one day school outing or a longer residential education visit including accommodation. 

See a sample of our London based below or visit our plan your school trip page to refine your search or to search for London school trip ideas by distance.

Drone School Trip Ideas

Looking for interactive technology ideas for your school trip or educational visit! thought of planning an interactive drone workshop on site at your school/location or outside of the classroom on a school trip. Drone workshops provide fantastic hands on group experiences for students to enjoy and gain knowledge and InSite’s into this growing aviation technological sector.

This type of Workshop and School Trip can cover subject areas such as STEM and Computer Science/skills, to name a few and cover curriculum key-stages (1 to 4) and above to further education.  So, what interactive activities can your pupils or students expect in relation to a drone workshop or interactive hands on session?

  • Learn to code a drone
  • Manually pilot a mini-drone to take off, fly, turn and land
  • Pilot the drone to do stunts, mini challenges and learn free flying skills
  • Within your chosen group, pilot and race to become the ultimate drone pilot winner

Here at UK School Trips we want to provide you with fantastic workshop companies and school trip venues who tailor-make interactive exciting educational hands on experiences for your groups.  These sessions are led by industry experienced fully qualified technology professionals who will educate and inspire your pupils.

UK School Trips wants to help plan your trip or workshop with inspirational ideas and options So, what you waiting for!

English Literacy School Trip Ideas

Looking for venues and destinations interlinked with the national curriculum English literacy, we got you covered! From key-stage 1 to A levels and further education English literacy is something all students will encounter throughout their educational career, and is vital to all aspects of the curriculum, even mathematics and science! English is something that all students will have to develop in order to academically progress and will inevitably be relied upon in later life.

One way to develop your pupils’ understanding of English Literacy is to take them on a Theatre School Trip or Historical Heritage experience that provides examples of historic poems, novels and plays and are interpreted through performing arts, workshops and tours.  Theatres and the performing arts in general are hugely beneficial when it comes to the subject of English. From improving diction to furthering vocabulary, drama is a great way to engage your pupils with a fun activity which is also educationally valuable.

Historical Heritage school trips or museum school trips provide workshops and tours that are fun and engaging in a unique way to teach your students about English. Many of the providers listed with us can specifically tailor to your group’s needs, guaranteeing that your class or group will go away having improved their knowledge on the exact topic that you wish to focus on.

So, what’s stopping you? Find your perfect English Literacy School Trip with us today!

Forest School Trip

Forest School Trips and Workshops provide one-of-a-kind experiences like no other. By taking pupils and students out of the classroom and into an engaging natural environment whether that is in a woodland setting or fields a short walking distance from a school or on a schools ground, Forest Schools provide a rich and diverse interaction with nature and the environment around you which compliments the national curriculum studies in a hands on way, furthering their understanding and interest within this subject from primary/ secondary through to A levels.

Forest School Workshop Activities could include the following:

  • Experience Nature/Wildlife around you on walks that include sensory for touch and smell
  • Foraging, learning about food sources in woodlands and the surrounding environment
  • Shelter building, sleeping under the stars by building these important structures
  • Explorer your immediate environment on a mini beast hunt (Ecology)
  • Experience physical skills when climbing Trees
  • learning practical woodland skills buy building shelters
  • Learning about wood land crafts and tools for woodwork and nature Art

Pupils and students will have the opportunity to really appreciate nature in a way they may have never done before. In a world of increasing urbanization and growing dependence on technology, it is important for students to escape from everyday life and learn about the changing natural environment and identify environmental impacts of Forest School activities.

Holocaust School Trip

Looking at a school trip related to the holocaust or want to take your school trip outside of the classroom to experience a museum or place of worship that can help explain the Jewish faith or the chilling brutal event of the holocaust and why this came about at that period of time in history.

UK School Trips is proud to list some fantastic venues that provide a potential educational group or school visit with in-depth tours, workshops, exhibitions which provide the history of the Jewish faith and the Holocaust.

Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre Huddersfield

The Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre opened in 2018 and preserves the memory, records and legacy of Holocaust survivors living in Yorkshire. There is a museum standard exhibition, an education room for schools and groups, and a flexible space for conferencing, events and temporary exhibitions.

They offer a programme of Active Learning Sessions for schools and groups of young people aged 10 and above, led by qualified teaching staff. We can also arrange talks from Holocaust survivors or on specific topics with University of Huddersfield academic staff.

Click for more details

The National Holocaust Centre & Museum Nottinghamshire

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is so much more than a museum. It's a vibrant memorial, a place of testimony and a Centre of learning for communities of all faiths, and none, across the UK.

Since the Centre was established in 1995 it remains the first and only place of its kind in the UK dedicated to Holocaust remembrance and education.

The Museum is accredited by the Arts Council, and features a permanent exhibition suitable for adults and children 12 years and older, as well as an age-appropriate interactive exhibition for younger children. Both exhibition areas are infused with survivor's testimony and artefacts, providing a human and personal perspective on pre-war Jewish life in Europe, the rise of National Socialism, the Holocaust survival and post-war justice.

Click for more details

Jewish Museum London

The Jewish Museum London offers a space for students to further their learning of Judaism on religious and historical school trips. Students are given the opportunity to handle historical objects and ask questions.

We are the only destination in London representing all strands of Judaism through curriculum based, multi-sensory, object based workshops for early years through to KS5.

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Liverpool School Trip Ideas for Primary and Secondary

Are you a teacher looking for some inspirational ideas for a school trip in Liverpool or the surrounding Merseyside areas?  Whether it’s a fun reward trip or needs to be tied into the national curriculum in relation to the key stages you are teaching.  Look no further than a wide range of educational based trips which are listed for you to research and plan your school trip to this fantastic region.

Merseyside is a county with a mixture of dense urban areas and rural locations. It is the home to some of England’s most famous cities, such as Liverpool. Its diverse geography and historical heritage ensure’s that it has everything you could want.  Liverpool is a hugely historical city, with numerous museums and destinations, which are ideal for any historically focused or educational school trips. The architecture alone is enough to export your students back in time. However, our fascinating tours of the city go in to more depth, providing students with a new outlook on the city. They will be able to explore the roots of Liverpool and its connections with slavery, before studying its highly influential culture, with it being the birthplace to some amazing pieces of art and The Beatles!

Nevertheless, Merseyside is not only a county of densely populated cities. It also includes rural areas, which provide the perfect setting for any environmental or physically engaging educational trips.  Merseyside really is an area that has everything you could want for. 

There is something for all students, regardless of their age or abilities. Our venues have been chosen by our very own team, ensuring that they provide educational yet enjoyable experiences for all. see below:

Primary School Trips

If you are looking for an ideas for Secondary School Trips, you've come to the right place.  UK School Trips has a huge range of school trip venues and providers who specialise in providing the best secondary school trips in the UK.  We provide teachers and other educational visit providers with an easy search and favourites system to help you find your next secondary school trip in no time.  All of our providers are highly experience with catering to secondary school pupils and many offer incentives such as free teacher places or discounts when mentioning UK School Trips on booking.

Your next secondary school trip is just a click or two away.  We offer both day school trip and residential school trip providers all classified by type and curriculum subject if you are looking for something in particular, just visit our Plan your Trip page to start your search using our extensive filtering options or if you want to see venues near you, pop your postcode in the map search and we will show you venues and providers near you.  All the providers listed on UK School Trips have a wealth of experience when it comes to secondary school trips and will be happy to help you with risk assessements and other necessary paperwork before you visit.   

We have divided our venues into age groups click on the links below to view all our venues and providers catering to these age groups, Secondary School Trips for 11 to 13 year olds and Secondary School Trips for 14 to 16 year olds.

Below you will find a small selection of our venues and providers who specialise in Secondary School Trips.

school trip science museum

Science Museums are the perfect school trip for any classes that are studying chemistry, physics or biology. Here, students will find themselves surrounded by scientific phenomena that will not only engage them but will also increase their hunger for scientific knowledge.

We provide Science Museums for all students, regardless of what Key Stage they are in or their educational abilities, meaning that no pupil will have to miss out on these mind-blowing school trip experiences! The Museums that we offer provide students with the opportunity to take part in specialist scientific activities, where they will find themselves fully immersed in the world of science…

All of our Science Museums have been designed to enhance scientific learning and increase engagement with this area of curriculum. Students will return to the classroom with a new curiosity in scientific processes, making your classes more immersive and creating a stimulating atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. 

However, knowledge is not the only thing that will prosper at our Science Museums. Your pupils will also have the opportunity to explore their creative side, inventing new products and using their imagination to overcome various scientific obstacles.

All of the venues that we offer are guaranteed to provide a fun yet educational school trip experience. Students will have the chance to look at science from a different perspective, in a new environment, surrounded by specialists who have scientific knowledge that is unparalleled.

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