Looking for an outdoor activity centre that provides archery school trip and workshop experiences full of action-packed fun pursuits and physical challenges for your students? Why archery! Archery school trips provide the opportunity to master a new, fun skill while taking part in physical outdoor or indoor educational experiences!

Activities and benefits could Include;

  • Learning about safety within a sporting environment by correctly using a bow and arrow
  • Improved hand-eye coordination, greater upper body strength, flexibility and posture
  • Improve mental health
  • Improve team building skills within a professional sporting game environment
  • Experience sports related competitions

Archery is one of the oldest sports still practised to this day, dating all the way back to the Stone Age (20,000 BC!). So, while enjoying a nature-filled, sporty day out, your students will be immersed in the history of weaponry and how mankind invented and utilised archery to survive!

So, what are you waiting for use our extensive UK School Trips Directory to find your perfect outdoor archery trip now and TEST YOUR AIM…

A level enrichment learning can vary widely in terms of focused topic and chosen subject of study in the national curriculum resulting in specific types/locations of an educational trip.  A-level students might experience:

  • Experiential learning students learn outside of the classroom and experience their subject matter in a real-world setting/environment. 
  • Exposure to new ideas and perspectives. A-level students can broaden their horizons and learn about different cultures and languages for example.
  • Opportunities for teamwork and collaboration. A-level school trips often involve students working together on tasks or projects. This will help them to develop their teamwork and collaboration skills.

Specific examples of activities that A-level students might experience on a school trip could be;

  • History students visiting historical sites such as battlefields, ruins, or museums; meeting with historians or archaeologists; participating in reenactments or living history experiences.
  • Science students visiting laboratories, research facilities, or industrial sites; meeting with scientists or engineers; conducting experiments or research projects.
  • Language students: visiting foreign countries or cities; meeting with native speakers; participating in cultural immersion activities.
  • Arts students: visiting museums, galleries, or theatres and meeting with artists or performers; participating in workshops or studio tours.
  • Business students: visiting businesses or organizations; meeting with entrepreneurs or executives; participating in simulations or case studies.

At UK School Trips educational resource directory, we have some fantastic options listed below;  



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Ancient history school workshop Ideas

Ancient history school workshop Ideas, whether your class is studying the Iron Age or the Ancient Roman Empire, the subject of Ancient History is something that continues to captivate the minds of all students. Regardless of age or academic ability, the study of the past never fails to engage students and inspire them with their future learning.

Here at UK School Trips, we understand the importance of engagement and interaction in order to improve the learning process. That is why we have an abundance of School Trips and Workshops that do exactly that. This is particularly true in the subject area of Ancient History. Our venues are guaranteed to stimulate your students, using material relics or even costume to allow for a fun process.

After taking part in one of our Ancient History School Trips, you will notice an immediate alteration in students’ attitudes in the classroom. Your pupils will not only have an increased interest in the subject but will also be eager to learn more. This is therefore the perfect way to motivate the whole class and improve everyone’s understanding.

So, if you’re currently teaching Ancient History as a topic and are looking for something to take the subject to the next level, please search the site and find suitable school trip venues and workshops that will inspire and provide a fun interactive experience for your education group in Ancient History today! You won’t be disappointed…

South East England School Trip Ideas

The South East of England has many fantastic counties that offer many different options when planning your school trip or educational visit in the South East. The counties that make up this school trip region can offer rich historical towns packed full of museums, historical buildings or fun activities such as cinema or bowling venues.

Many of the counties that make up this region also offer hundreds of miles of natural beauty including endless countryside, rolling hills, woodlands and coastal landscapes perfect for dipping your feet in the English Channel or a fun packed residential activity centre where your students can challenge themselves with varied activities or study the environment that the location offers on an environmental field trip.

Many of the venues, accommodation and service providers based in these home counties offer fantastic locations, excellent facilities and experience to make sure that your day trip in the south east is a memorable one. The workshops, tours, exhibitions and activities are interlinked to the national curriculum. Plus, many of these services can be tailormade specifically to your group’s needs.

We are proud to list below some fantastic options for your school trip in the South East below, or visit our plan your school trip page to refine your search or to search for South East England school trip ideas by distance.

London School Trip Ideas

London is a very popular destination for school trips and other outings.  With so much to choose from you can cover so many different subjects and visit a number of educational sights and places of interest in a single school visit to London. 

From historical sites to museums and major tourist attractions London offers it all and we understand making a choice for your school trip to London can be hard.  Here at UK School trips we have a wide range of venues, locations and service providers in and around London, to help you plan a one day school outing or a longer residential education visit including accommodation. 

See a sample of our London based below or visit our plan your school trip page to refine your search or to search for London school trip ideas by distance.

Primary and secondary school pupils will experience, learn and participate with the outreach provider who brings with them valuable industry experience and will interact with your pupils through hands-on activities, presentations and Q&As in this creative workshop.

The creative workshop provider might cover the following areas tailored to your educational group’s needs:   

  • meet a real author and ask questions about their books, writing, and publishing process. They may also get to understand an author's workspace, writing tools and environment through the workshop presentation.
  • Engage in creative writing such as character creation through visual representation of their character through drawing, painting and writing
  • World-building, plot development and dialogue writing.
  • Share their own personal writing, ideas with the author and other pupils on the workshop  
  • Participate in a writing challenge. Can help pupils to build confidence as future writers and to get feedback on their work.
  • Understand the importance of storytelling and appreciate the different ways in which stories can be told. Pupils may also learn about the different genres of literature and how to write different types of stories themselves.

Overall, participating in these workshops can be a valuable and enriching experience for primary and secondary school pupils. It can help them to develop their writing skills, creativity, and appreciation for literature. The workshops providers can also tailor their workshops to specific themes or topics. For example, a workshop might focus on a particular genre of literature, such as fantasy, science fiction, or historical fiction and integrate with the topic or subject you are studying at school to interlink with the national curriculum.

Automotive School Trips and Workshops are excellent for all learning groups as they allow for students to immerse themselves in a world of aerospace and electronics for an exciting educational experience. Whether your class is studying science, maths, or history, automotive school trips cover all aspects of the key-stage curriculum. From car museums to railway stations there is something for everyone, with a range of interactive and educational activities such as:

  • designing and manufacturing an automotive vehicle
  • engineering focused tasks and games
  • quizzes on types of cars in the automotive industry
  • discovering the tools and equipment used in the industry
  • PPE wordsearch

Automotive school trips and workshops also provide classes with engaging educational insights to the world of mechanics and engineering, allowing students to deepen their knowledge on the modern world we live in and the significant impact the use of automotive vehicles have in day-to-day life!

Automotive school trips are a brilliant educational day out for all key stages and ages! Why not plan and book yours now via our School Trips Directory below.  

Computer and Game Coding Workshops for schools

Computer and Game Coding Workshops provide a fantastic look at the early years of this industry (1970s) all the way through to the present day giving you a full historic timeline and full interactive experience, so why travel anywhere as the computer and games professional and his array of historical computer equipment and games machines will visit you at school.

So, no need to plan a school trip, you can still learn about this fascinating subject from the comfort of your own school premises. Your students or pupils will experience a fantastic interactive historical learning experience of early computers and coding languages (programmes) to game play of classic games machines. The coding workshops provided can be interlinked with your key-stage curriculum in covering subject areas such as STEM.

You might be lucky and even get the chance to experience these amazing classic computers and game consoles listed below:  

Computers: Acorn Computers, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum,

You might even be lucking and learn about these early computer programmes from the listed computers above: Pascal, Prolog, Beta, Paintbox, MCoder, COLT, KoalaPainter, The Print Shop, PaperClip, Lotus 1-2-3, Tasword II and VuClac.

Game Console Machines: Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), In-television (Mattel) and Sega Master System.

Classic Games: Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Star Wars, Space Invaders, Burger Time, Tron, Microsurgeon, Atlantis, Mario Bros, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Wonder Boy, Golden Axe and Outrun.

So, what are you waiting for start researching and planning your computer coding workshop with us, UK School Trips? If you cannot find what you are looking for contact us

Drone School Trip Ideas

Looking for interactive technology ideas for your school trip or educational visit! thought of planning an interactive drone workshop on site at your school/location or outside of the classroom on a school trip. Drone workshops provide fantastic hands on group experiences for students to enjoy and gain knowledge and InSite’s into this growing aviation technological sector.

This type of Workshop and School Trip can cover subject areas such as STEM and Computer Science/skills, to name a few and cover curriculum key-stages (1 to 4) and above to further education.  So, what interactive activities can your pupils or students expect in relation to a drone workshop or interactive hands on session?

  • Learn to code a drone
  • Manually pilot a mini-drone to take off, fly, turn and land
  • Pilot the drone to do stunts, mini challenges and learn free flying skills
  • Within your chosen group, pilot and race to become the ultimate drone pilot winner

Here at UK School Trips we want to provide you with fantastic workshop companies and school trip venues who tailor-make interactive exciting educational hands on experiences for your groups.  These sessions are led by industry experienced fully qualified technology professionals who will educate and inspire your pupils.

UK School Trips wants to help plan your trip or workshop with inspirational ideas and options So, what you waiting for!

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