Social Inclusion School Workshops

social inclusion school trip & workshops well what does this mean? Social inclusion has been designed to combat social indifference which is a negative impact in our society today affecting adults through to young children internally (at school) and externally (society) and can result in discrimination to alienation etc. which can result in mental health issues.

Social Inclusion workshops provide young children and students the chance to participate, educate and contribute in this subject and help contribute in various aspects of their educational environment and externally within their society and community.  (Social Inclusion is key to promoting mental health)

Possible topics of coverage:

  • Relationship behavior
  • Understanding diversity in education
  • Mental health awareness
  • Cultural differences; values, beliefs, and rules of conduct
  • Gender equality in modern society

Here at UK School trips, we want to provide you with outreach interactive workshop options for your school to help promote this very important subject and many other important topics such as Bullying, Disability Awareness, Racial Discrimination, Cultural Awareness, Gender Equality, Age Discrimination, Alcohol & Drugs Awareness, LGBTQ and (RSE) Relationship & Sex Education.

Social Inclusion, Mental Health, Anti-bullying and Personal Development Workshops

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