Art Workshops

Art workshops (outreach) for pupils and educational groups are a great way to introduce them to industry art professionals outside of the classroom and expand their knowledge about this external environment/industry. There are many different types of art workshops available for your teacher or school, they can choose suitable workshops that might interlink to their age, classroom topic and national key-stage objectives.

Some popular art workshop topics might include; Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics and Textiles. Outreach art workshops can be a great way to help your pupils develop their creativity and learn new skills from industry professionals to help develop their creativity, learn new skills, understand the requirements of the industry work cultures, environment and perspectives, build confidence and self-esteem and provide pupils with a fun and engaging learning activity.

Teach Wild Outdoor Learning Workshops in London and in the South offer practical outdoor learning workshops for primary school children. Learning outside the classroom creates memorable experiences that bring national curriculum areas to life.
Celtic Harmony offer a range of different day trips, bringing the Stone to Iron Age to life! Art in Prehistory Workshop Days are specially designed to meet the KS2 History Framework with activities such as cave art, beaker pottery & torc bracelet crafting
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