Animal Welfare Workshops

Animal welfare school workshop providers are here to educate through on-site, hands-on interactive learning sessions (outreach) for your students/pupils to be Inspired by these educational learning workshops and through their school or educational groups future experiences of domestic or wild animals in the outside World to be kind and caring towards animals. (No more misunderstanding or cruelty towards animals)

What can a student or pupil expect to learn on an Animal Welfare Workshop well maybe the following might apply;

  • Interactive videos, film and animation on animal welfare topics
  • Presentations about animal’s needs, wants and there domestic or wild environments
  • Real life stories of animals in differing environments such as working farm animals, domesticated pets at home or wild animals
  • Live animals or hands on toys as a learning guide
  • Worksheets and picture cards as a learning tool to help educate about this subject

Here at UK School Trips, we want to help provide you with some great ideas and options, we have some fantastic organisations listed with us who have many years of experience and highly trained animal welfare professionals who run and oversee these workshops and will travel to your school.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Somerset offers students everything they need for an educational, fun-packed, school trip. With over 100 different animal species (from chickens to elephants!) we provide great learning opportunities for all ages and abilities.
Plantasia School Outreach Service Wales, We offer unique educational workshops delivered by a member of our professional crew, in your very own classroom for your pupils to learn and experience about our animals, environment and welfare.
As one of the most unique zoo’s in the UK, we have an amazing wildlife ‘classroom’ to help bring the curriculum to life. Since we are a zoo, we can cater for sessions not only on biology, but also business studies, physics, chemistry and tourism.
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