Anti-bullying workshops

Anti-bullying workshops provide the opportunity for students to openly discuss the topic of bullying and come to a joint understanding of what it is, anti-bullying workshops are extremely important and beneficial for all key-stages. Anti-bullying workshops are key for students’ understanding of how to treat others kindly and recognise when someone may be being bullied and how to address this sort of situation/issue. To help keep the classroom a safe space for students it is vital that they deepen their knowledge and understanding of the effects of bullying and how we as a society can prevent all forms of bullying, especially in schools from happening.
Workshop activities on this subject might include:
• drama role-play of anti-bullying
• sharing experiences
• watch anti-bullying videos
• lesson plans for teachers to further teach their students the values of anti-bullying including PowerPoints, worksheets and animations
Anti-bullying workshops are useful not only during the school years of a child’s life but also long-term, allowing them the ability to empathise and understand other people’s struggles, to help make the world a kinder, bullying-free environment!

ReachOut Educate Workshops provide outreach services to schools focusing on the following topics: Anti Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Author/Illustrator, Tudors & Stuarts, Romans, Medieval, Middle Ages, Vikings and Bespoke to your required needs.
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