RSE Workshops

RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) Workshops cover a wide range of important topics that affect young people throughout their time in education. RSE is a new aspect of the National Curriculum that has been compulsory since September 2020. It is a sensitive field of study that must be tackled accurately. And RSE Workshops encourage students to take a well-adjusted, healthy learning approach.

One excellent RSE Workshop provider listed on UK School Trips is Diversify. Diversify provides educational groups with interactive Workshops that can be applied to all Key Stages. The Workshops they offer cover a variety of topics, such as LGBT+, sexual bullying, inappropriate behaviour, gender equality, and homophobic discrimination. Diversify RSE Workshops encourage pupils to develop a positive attitude towards sex and relationships that is free from prejudice. After taking part in one of these Workshops, school groups will come away with a more developed understanding of RSE, encouraging students to make better informed decisions when it comes to relationships and sex. These workshops provide pupils with the support and guidance required to progress personally and within society. 

RSE is an essential aspect of the curriculum, and workshops are a fantastic way to get school groups engaged with this topic. For more examples of RSE Workshops, take a look at the workshop providers we have listed below.

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