PSHE Workshops

PSHE School Workshops are an excellent way to get pupils focussed on this subject. PSHE is an essential aspect of the curriculum. It concentrates on Personal, Social, Health, and Economic education, providing educational groups with the knowledge, skills, and connections required in order to keep healthy and safe. The aim of PSHE is to aid the development of students, both personally and as members of society.

If you’re looking to enhance your PSHE education, School Workshops are a fantastic way through which to do this. Workshops provide school groups with interactive learning experiences that are fun and educationally stimulating. And we have a variety of PSHE Workshops listed on our website for you to browse through. Diversify provides school groups with excellent workshops that are focussed on PSHE. This workshop employs a hands-on learning approach to promote social inclusion. Workshops such as this play a critical role in breaking down the prejudices that exist within society. PSHE workshops can be applied to various topics, such as mental health, racial discrimination, LGBT+, and disability. These topics are of great importance, and it is crucial that they are included in the National Curriculum. Whether you teach a Key Stage 1 or an A-Level class, PSHE education is relevant to all age groups. 

We have listed a number of PSHE School Workshops below for you to choose from:

Acorn Forest provides specifically tailored School Workshops, where your class will have the chance to explore the outdoors with various adventurous activities.
Diversify Workshops tackle sensitive topics, such as cyber bullying, LGBTQ+, and racial discrimination. By employing an interactive learning approach, Diversify Workshops encourage pupils to take part in numerous activities that promote social inclusion.
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