Pirate Workshops

If you’re looking for an educational experience that will bring history to life and engage primary school students of all abilities, then Pirate Workshops might just be the one for you!

Not only do workshops capture the minds of young students, they can also be delivered across the UK on your school premises, ensuring that every pirate requirement can be met. The workshop providers listed will inspire your students to further their learning, while also providing a fun experience, all without having leave the classroom! Pirate Workshops in particular are one of the most stimulating, fun and interactive experiences taught by experienced workshop professionals. 

Whether your class is investigating the history of pirates or practicing their storytelling abilities, there is something for students of all capabilities. From Key Stage 1 up to Key Stage 2, all primary school students will greatly benefit from the engaging activities that these workshops have to offer. But students won’t only be inspired academically, they will also get the chance to experiment creatively. Drawing treasure maps and dressing up as make-believe pirates will give younger pupils the chance to push themselves imaginatively, allowing them to create fantasy worlds and characters.

Pirate Workshops will bring an excitement into your class that is unmatched, encouraging your students to further their learning and reinvigorating a love for learning which will carry them throughout their future school years.

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