Viking Workshops

Viking Workshops are the perfect way for pupils and students to further their learning about the history of the Vikings. From role-playing a Viking battle with shields and spears to looking at traditional Viking bread, these workshops explore a wide range of aspects that were part of everyday life during the Viking period. These workshops are suitable for furthering the education of students at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 level.

Bringing costumed historical interpreters into schools really brings the subject to life. The workshops are up-to-date with the latest research in Early Medieval history and provide an authentic yet accessible experience for children, that is easy for them to understand whilst still being informative. All features of Viking life are covered: from warfare and conquest to clothes and childcare. Having an all-day workshop also means that pupils can engage in the content for a whole day! This means that a wide range of information can be covered, which can later be used to aid the students learning in the classroom. What’s particularly great about these Viking Workshops is that they can be tailored to fit the school’s specific needs. This means that specific activities can be organized so that they align with the curriculum that the pupils are studying.

As well as learning more about the Viking period, students can also view a multitude of replica artefacts, weaponry and clothing. Students can really come to grips with what life was like during this time period, delving further into the religion, work, trade, language and geography at this time. One of the main benefits of these workshops is that it is fun! Students can have an enjoyable experience while also gaining more insight into this topic. Some examples of the activities provided are grinding grain to make flour, trying on authentic copies of helmets, clothes and jewelry, picking out real foods of the time period, learning to write in runes, playing dice games and stick wrestling, choosing names and occupations of the time, forming up into a shield wall with shields and spears and following battle commands. All of the activities are purposefully hands-on in order to keep the students engaged. They are designed so that the students develop an understanding of concepts, such as chronology, culture, historical enquiry, beliefs as well as morals and ethics. There is also time provided, in which the students can ask the experts any questions they may have. This is done in order to develop the investigation and questioning skills of the students.

These workshops bring authentic history right to your school, making it a cheaper alternative to the expenses involved in having to organize a school trip. These workshops can also be hugely beneficial for teachers. It provides teachers with a wealth of knowledge that they can use for teaching in the future. Through these workshops, students are able to engage in role play, investigate the life of a Viking, learn about their culture, society and status, as well as take part in physical and mental games.

Viking Workshops provide an on-site school experience and for a percentage of schools cost effective, while being highly interactive for pupils and students that will be greatly advantageous for their learning.

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Barley Hall is a medieval townhouse - once home to the Lord Mayor of York. Located on the doorstep of York Minster, the building has been restored to its former glory.
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