School Trip Aquariums And Sea Life Centres

Looking for ideas in planning a school trip to an aquarium or Sea Life centre! We want to provide you with a lot of fantastic options so your group can learn outside of the classroom. Your pupils or students can get up close to marine life and learn about what our oceans and underwater eco systems provide, gaining valuable knowledge in a fun, interactive way.

Your pupils or students will experience a fascinating journey to the underwater oceanic world, full of marine life and amazing eco systems of the ocean floor. Plus, this gives you an in site into marine biology and what that industry has to offer.

As most of us don’t have gills or webbed feet to dive into the deep the best place to see what’s happening under that immense ocean is at an Aquarium or sea life centre which can provide fantastic interactive tours and workshops interlinked with the curriculum where you will learn about these topics in a scientific way tailored to your specific group’s needs.

Many of the venues we have listed provide Marine experiences where your group will see first-hand their feeding habits and behaviours, plus cover areas of oceanic conservation and more. You may even experience topics below:

  • learn about the different oceanic habitats in our oceans
  • Ocean investigation where pupils can get hands on with artefacts from the deep
  • Plastic pollution in our oceans: learn about the effects and solutions to combat against it
  • Learn about the intricate food chains of the ocean inhabitants
  • Fish feeding experience, let your aquarist guide show you live feeding of various marine life

So, don’t get caught out and hung out to dry, start planning your school trip or educational visit with UK School Trips.

Aquariums & Sea Life Centre Ideas

Bristol Aquarium

Here at Bristol Aquarium, School Students have the opportunity to embark on an underwater adventure, where they can discover thousands of aquatic creatures as well

Hastings Aquarium East Sussex

School trips to Hastings Aquarium are an incredible underwater journey for all your pupils. Hastings Aquarium welcomes schools and groups of all shapes and sizes

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