Indoor Skydiving Centres

Thankfully, where indoor skydiving is concerned age is just a number. A participant’s age can range anywhere from 3 to 93+ years old, making this activity highly accessible to most. An indoor skydiving school trip visit could be just the thing to encourage your students to let off some steam perhaps after a long and difficult study period, or to help refocus and persist with certain subjects. Key benefits include mental rejuvenation, creating confidence and raising the heart rate for all the right reasons; an indoor skydive utilises all the muscles in the body, similar to how swimming does. An indoor skydiving visit can help rapidly with promoting better sleep, and can increase confidence amongst peers within a business or classroom environment. Consider this as an activity to be undertaken in a fun way to positively replenish the mind-set, restore energy levels and adjust thinking patterns of children and adults. Known to instil confidence, and replace fear or anxiety with a ‘can-do’ attitude, to alleviate pressure and/or procrastination perhaps during study time or leading up to a highly stressful situation such as at exam time - an appropriate activity for Key stage 1 to 4 youngsters. A visit to an indoor skydiving activity centre can help all flourish, both mentally and physically. See our listed places to visit.

The Bear Grylls Adventure, Birmingham, offers a plethora of activities, including a Royal Marines-inspired assault course that will thrill and excite your students, creating the perfect reward trip for you pupils.
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