Safari Parks

A Safari park school trip is a fun and educational day taken outside of the classroom, with lots to do and see whilst learning about some of your favourite animals. Up close encounters and hands on experiences with live animals in comfortable surroundings & habitats. Learn about the behavioural aspects of various species, breeding habits and reintroduction of rare and endangered species.

Book a school visit to a safari park through our listed venues and bring your class for a fun, interactive and curriculum focused session.  Schools and vocational groups on educational visits can learn and benefit from organised guided tours and classroom type learning, available to all Key stage 1 to 4 primaries & secondary and post 16 Key Stage 5 students.

Tours can be tailored to the curriculum about a range of topics surrounding primate welfare &conservation. Enjoy enrichment days where groups can help make items used in the enclosures and learn about the importance of primate care and stimulation.
Exciting & educational day for children of all ages, with over 1000 wild animals in over 300 acres of beautiful parkland; you’ll get an unparalleled close encounters with some of the world’s most magnificent & endangered animals.
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