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Here at UK School Trips, we value the significance of education and believe that school trips are essential when it comes to learning. Therefore, we are offering Virtual School Tours – where students can have the school trip experience without any added risks.

Virtual School Tours take students on a school trip adventure without ever having to leave the classroom! These school trips can be accessed through the internet, meaning that all pupils can get involved, even those who are classed as high risk. And while the physical experience of a school trip may be irreplaceable, the cutting-edge technology that is used ensures that all students remain engaged.

The Virtual School Tours we offer at UK School Trips are a great way to bring some excitement to your teaching. They provide a form of escapism, in which students can leave their classroom and explore another environment, no matter how far away that environment may be. But School Virtual Tours do not only support various areas of the curriculum, they also encourage pupils to further their learning. They are academically inspiring and after taking part, students will be motivated to learn more.

So, if you want to bring some fun into your classroom during this difficult time, book your Virtual School Tour today!

School Virtual Tours & Reality Experiences

The Park VR Experience Birmingham

The Park VR Experience in Birmingham is an immersive virtual reality experience that takes entertainment to the to the next level. Enhance your school or

The Park VR Experience Leeds

Looking to plan the coolest, fun interactive activity for your school trip? try The Park VR Experience Leeds? Delve into the immersive experiences and the

Immersive Gamebox Manchester

At Immersive Gamebox Manchester your students can dive into a virtual adventure & rediscover the joy of in-person play. With this interactive digital experience, your

Immersive Gamebox London Shoreditch

At Immersive Gamebox London Shoreditch your students can play in immersive group adventures with epic features like projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround

Immersive Gamebox Lakeside

Dive into a world of excitement at Immersive Gamebox Lakeside, featuring projection mapping, touch screens or motion tracking. Simply select your game and prepare to

Immersive Gamebox London Southbank

Experience an immersive and exciting day with your school group at Immersive Gamebox London Southbank. Yout students must work together to achieve the highest score

SandboxVR Reward Trip Central London

SandboxVR, virtual reality London will provide immersive experiences for school groups that feel like the future. Sandbox is a VR experience for students who will

Shrewsbury Prison Education Behind Bars

Shrewsbury Prison in Shropshire provides a world class interactive learning experience (Education Behind Bars) that inspires students to engage and immerse through exercises and activities

OTHERWORLD VR Experience London

OTHERWORLD VR in Hackney London offers students a chance to learn and interact with virtual reality on a School Trip. Immersive Team-based experiences allow students

Roman Baths Somerset

The Roman Baths located in the city of Bath in Somerset, comprise of the remains of one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient

The National Videogame Museum Sheffield

The National Videogame Museum is the UK’s only museum dedicated solely to videogames with a mission to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret videogames for everyone.

Retro Computer Museum Leicestershire

The Retro Computer Museum Leicestershire provides historically focused school trips, where your students will have the chance to discover various computer and console systems from

Imperial War Museum London

The (IWM) Imperial War Museum London provides students with an historical experience that cannot be found anywhere else. From exploring the causes of a world

OTHERWORLD VR Experience Birmingham

OTHERWORLD VR in Birmingham offers school students a chance to learn and interact with virtual reality on a School Trip. Team-based experiences allow students to

Xscape Yorkshire

School trips are a key part of a young person’s education here at Xscape, we have options for both primary and secondary school packages at

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