Roman School Workshops

Roman School Workshops are a fantastic way to get school groups engaged in the history of Ancient Rome. Roman history is an excellent aspect of the National Curriculum. From the extraordinary architecture (some of which still stands today) to the famous Julius Caesar, Ancient Rome is a large period of historical study in which there are many topics to be explored. Roman Workshops provide educational groups with fun, highly educational, learning activities that motivate and inspire pupils to increase their understanding of Roman history.

We have a wide variety of Roman Workshops listed here on UK School Trips – there is one to fit every educational requirement. Portals to the Past is one of the Roman Workshop operators listed on our website. Portals to the Past provide exceptional workshop experiences that are delivered by a team of specialists. These are workshops that will bring history to life, taking an interactive learning approach that will advance historical understanding and inspire students to further their learning. Another historical workshop provider listed on our directory is Dan Tastic, who also delivers Roman School Workshops. Dan Tastic Workshops can be tailored to your class topic, creating a bespoke learning experience that meets your exact requirements.

Take a look at the Workshop operators listed below to find more information about Roman School Workshops.

Roman School Workshop Ideas

Roman Baths Somerset

The Roman Baths located in the city of Bath in Somerset, comprise of the remains of one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient

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