Gorge Walking School Trip Ideas

Gorge walking is a popular outdoor learning activity for students at an outdoor activity centre or on a residential school trip. It involves scrambling up

Go Green

At UK School Trips we have a conscience and that conscience means we also want to spend our time engaging you in all the little things

Geography School Trip Ideas

Geography School Trips or Geography Field Trips are a fascinating Topic, in which students and pupils are able to explore the land, characteristics, populations, and

Fundraising For School Trips

At UK School Trips we realise that many of you are working hard to plan fun and educational outings for your class or group on

Educational Workshops

Workshops are a great way to enrich your students’ learning and bring some excitement into the classroom. All areas of the curriculum and all age

Educational Visits

If you’re looking to stimulate and engage students with a particular topic, then Educational Visits are the school trip for you. Whether you want your

Educational Day Trips

Educational Day Trips are a fantastic way to get school groups learning outside of the classroom in new, engaging environments. These are environments that will

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