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Looking for an interactive educational experience? Want something that both engages your students and grabs their attention? If this is the case, then our School Workshops are the School Trip for you!

Our Workshops provide students with an intriguing experience, in which all aspects of the curriculum can be covered. Whether you want to study the performing arts or biology, we have a Workshop for everyone!

As well as this, many of our Workshops are able to bring the School Trip to your very own classroom, saving you from the hassle of transportation and allowing students to learn in a more familiar classroom environment.

Here at UK School Trips, we regard Workshops as a chance for students to learn in a new and unique way. Therefore, we only provide the best Workshops, ensuring that you and your class will thoroughly enjoy themselves. Our friendly teams and fabulous facilities guarantee to leave your pupils inspired and hungry for more knowledge.

Our Workshops cater for all students, regardless of age or ability. There is something for everyone, whether primary school children want to explore nutrition at one of our Pizza Express Workshops, or older students wish to discover the world of science with the Explorer Dome experience.  

So, what’s holding you back? Book your School Workshop today and create memories that will stay with your class forever!

Science is a core element of the curriculum and undoubtedly deserves to have its own category of school trips respectively. Whether your class is studying biology, chemistry or physics, here at UK School Trips, we have a huge variety of science specific school trip venues. 

Science Education School Trips provide educational groups with engaging experiences that are not only fun but are also educationally stimulating. Whether you want to be transported into the solar system using a planetarium or would prefer to witness a real-life science experiment, we have everything you need for a perfect school trip experience. Our Science School Trips are conducted by teams of staff who are professional and highly skilled. They are willing to go above and beyond in order for your class to get the most out of their educational trip. Regardless of ability, every student will be included, ensuring that the entire class will come away having learnt something new! 

Science Education School Trips are a fantastic way to excite classes and inspire students to learn more! So, if your class is currently studying science and you’d like to bring some excitement to their learning, Science Education School Trips might just be what you’ve been looking for. Book yours today!

If you want a fun, engaging, science-based educational experience without having to leave the confines of your classroom, then we’ve got the perfect school workshop for you! school trips are undeniably stimulating and exciting. However, Science Workshops bring all of this excitement into your very own classroom! Whether it’s for biology, chemistry or physics, our Science Workshops offer one-of-a-kind experiences that make learning fun!

Aqualease provides fabulous mini aquariums for any classes that may currently be studying marine life. And the Science & Dinosaur Digital Mobile Dome offers students the chance to be transported into another world with a state-of-the-art planetarium. Or perhaps Sublime Science Workshops are better suited to your educational group, where students can experience real life science experiments first-hand. Whatever it is that you require, UK School Trips has some highly professional experienced Science Workshop providers listed on our directory for you to choose from.

Science Workshops bring fun and excitement to students’ education. After taking part in one, students will have an increased scientific interest and will therefore be motivated to further their learning in this fascinating subject and ever-growing industry.

So, if a Science Workshop sounds like something you’d be interested in, have a look at what we have to offer here at UK School Trips and start planning your educational workshop experience today!

Self-Led Workshops provide interactive learning experiences that will not only engage students but will also inspire them. So, if you’re looking for an exciting educational adventure, these workshops may just be the school workshop for you.

On a Self-Led Workshop, workshop professionals provide instructions and information for teachers to follow. By having the teacher in control, students are encouraged to look at stimuli academically and relate any new information back to whatever area of the curriculum the class are currently studying. 

These workshops are a fantastic way to inspire learning, regardless of the subject matter. Whether its history, drama or biology, these workshops can be used for a wide variety of academic purposes. But not only are they educational, these workshops also provide students with a fun educational experience that will bring excitement to their learning. And this excitement is what inspires future learning - the captivating activities that are involved stimulates students to find out more information.

So, if this sounds like a school workshop you’d be interested in, check out what we have to offer here at UK School Trips. We have a number of Self-Led Workshops that may just be perfect for your class or educational group to enjoy. 

Is your class currently studying outer space, the solar system or the institution of NASA? If so, we’ve got the perfect School Trip for you!

Taking your class on a Space School Trips will introduce your students to unique and innovative ways of learning that will teach them all they need to know about the science of outer space. From planetariums to virtual reality, these exciting experiences use state-of-the-art technology to take teaching to the next level. These school trips will spark curiosity with your students and ignite a passion for science. 

Space School Trips have the ability to transport you and your class into a completely different world… Literally! Whether you want to be transported to the rocky environment of Mars or would prefer to take a quick trip around the entire solar system, Space School Trips can cater the experience to meet all of your requirements. This method of teaching will improve understanding and encourage your pupils to study further. 

Space School Trips are a great way to inspire learning and will leave students with a reinvigorated love for science. So, why not book your Space School Trip today and take your class on an unforgettable experience. 

Space School Workshops are a wonderful idea if you are studying science as a topic within your class or educational group and focusing on space and the solar system!

Taking part in a Space Workshop will stimulate your pupils and inspire them to learn more about this scientific topic. One of their biggest selling points is that they help to improve understanding and future learning. Whether you are studying the complete solar system, focusing on one particular planet, or investigating the entirety of the universe, Science Workshops have everything covered. 

Planetariums are a particularly interesting type of Science Workshop. The state-of-the-art technology and equipment that planetariums use allows your class to be transported into whatever environment they are presently studying. Not only will this engage your students, it will also enhance their scientific learning. Planetariums can also be catered to fit your exact requirements. You can give your students a totally unique learning experience, whether that involves exporting your class to the Moon Landing or taking them on a trip to Jupiter. 

The Space Workshops here at UK School Trips are truly second to none. They provide extraordinary experiences that will leave your pupils with an increased interest in the topic of space. Why not book your Space Workshop today and give your class a one-of-a-kind learning experience that they will never forget? 

Founded by teachers over forty years ago, Teachers Building Society continues to provide a dedicated mortgage service to people working in education today.  Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving home or looking to switch your mortgage from another provider, our mortgage consultants understand teachers and can help you every step of the way.

Here at UK School Trips, we value the significance of education and believe that school trips are essential when it comes to learning. Therefore, we are offering Virtual School Tours – where students can have the school trip experience without any added risks.

Virtual School Tours take students on a school trip adventure without ever having to leave the classroom! These school trips can be accessed through the internet, meaning that all pupils can get involved, even those who are classed as high risk. And while the physical experience of a school trip may be irreplaceable, the cutting-edge technology that is used ensures that all students remain engaged.

The Virtual School Tours we offer at UK School Trips are a great way to bring some excitement to your teaching. They provide a form of escapism, in which students can leave their classroom and explore another environment, no matter how far away that environment may be. But School Virtual Tours do not only support various areas of the curriculum, they also encourage pupils to further their learning. They are academically inspiring and after taking part, students will be motivated to learn more. 

So, if you want to bring some fun into your classroom during this difficult time, book your Virtual School Tour today!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed almost all aspects of everyday life, but it has had a particular impact on education. Virtual learning has been a difficult and stressful task for everyone involved. And here at UK School Trips, we want to help! We want to bring some fun to your learning and know just how to do it… Virtual School Trips!

Virtual School Trips allow classes to have fun educational experiences without breaking any social distancing rules. All children can get involved, even those who may be self-isolating. This is the perfect way for students to remain safe and also have that School Trip experience. Virtual School Trips can take your students to a completely different world. Whether you want to be taken on a historical tour through the Natural History Museum or would prefer to explore the world of fashion at Fashion Enter, there is something for all classes! Bringing a fun school trip experience into the classroom not only engages students, but also motivates them, encouraging them to further their learning and improve their knowledge. 

So, if you’re looking for a Covid-19-safe school trip alternative, UK School Trips has got you covered! We have a variety of Virtual School Trips for you to choose from. Book yours today?

At UK School Trips we can't endorse The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto that the Government launched last November enough.

School Workshops are a fabulous way to enrich your class subjects and inspire your students. There are workshops for every area of the curriculum, ensuring that your class, regardless of what you are studying, can be accommodated for. 

School Workshops will provide your students with an unforgettable experience, and this is mostly down to the expert staff who carry them out. From history to science, every workshop that we offer here at UK School Trips is carried out by an excellent team of professionals, who are specialists in their chosen workshop topic. Your pupils will be learning from the very best. This type of engaging learning will not only excite your students but will also motivate them for their future learning. 

But the main selling point of School Workshops is that they can be carried out in your very own classroom! This means that there will be no organisation or cost for travel and also that students can feel comfortable in a familiar environment. Having this fun experience in your own school also encourages students to enjoy learning in their classroom environment. This can be hugely beneficial when it comes to future education. 

Please look below to find the perfect School Workshop for you! We have something for everyone!

Wow Day School Workshops are the perfect way to bring school curriculum to life. They can be used for a wide variety of topics and can be delivered from the comfort of your own classroom. 

Wow Day School Workshops motivate students, inspiring them to engage with the topic and further their learning. By bringing an exciting school trip experience into the classroom, students can immerse themselves into their learning and have positive educational experiences in an environment they are comfortable with. This can have future benefits, encouraging pupils to enjoy learning in their own classroom. 

Wow Day School Workshops are also carried out by highly skilled workshop providers, who are professional and have a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that your class will receive an educational yet entertaining experience. And these professionals are happy to work with teachers in order to deliver custom material that is relevant to whatever subject your class is currently studying. 

So, if you’re looking for a School Workshop that will engage and excite your students, Wow Day School Workshops might just be what you’ve been looking for. Here at UK School Trips, we have a great variety of Wow Day School Workshops for you to choose from. Book yours today!

YHA Break Programmes

YHA Break Programmes aim to reach young people and families with the most challenging lives and provide them with life-changing experiences.YHA Break Programmes aim to reach young people and families with the most challenging lives and provide them with life-changing experiences.

We understand the power of travel and adventure to transform a child’s view of the world and their potential to succeed in it, to provide respite and improve health, education and wellbeing. We believe all young people should have the chance to have big adventures, make new friends, try new things and learn vital life skills.

Today, young people face many challenges. Financial hardship, homelessness, disability, long-term illness, bereavement, caring for a parent and other circumstances all limit children’s opportunities. We are here to reach and create new opportunities for those in the greatest need

We are taking enquiries from groups who are seeking support for a residential stay with YHA. All groups must be able to provide pastoral staff to accompany the young people or families. This ensures that groups get the support they need as they prepare for and then take their break.


We are currently taking enquiries from school groups in the Alternative Provision sector of education, along with schools who are interested in taking pupils on a residential break from primary school to secondary school.



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