The Covid-19 pandemic has changed almost all aspects of everyday life, but it has had a particular impact on education. Virtual learning has been a difficult and stressful task for everyone involved. And here at UK School Trips, we want to help! We want to bring some fun to your learning and know just how to do it… Virtual School Trips!

Virtual School Trips allow classes to have fun educational experiences without breaking any social distancing rules. All children can get involved, even those who may be self-isolating. This is the perfect way for students to remain safe and also have that School Trip experience. Virtual School Trips can take your students to a completely different world. Whether you want to be taken on a historical tour through the Natural History Museum or would prefer to explore the world of fashion at Fashion Enter, there is something for all classes! Bringing a fun school trip experience into the classroom not only engages students, but also motivates them, encouraging them to further their learning and improve their knowledge. 

So, if you’re looking for a Covid-19-safe school trip alternative, UK School Trips has got you covered! We have a variety of Virtual School Trips for you to choose from. Book yours today?

At UK School Trips we can't endorse The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto that the Government launched last November enough.

School Workshops are a fabulous way to enrich your class subjects and inspire your students. There are workshops for every area of the curriculum, ensuring that your class, regardless of what you are studying, can be accommodated for. 

School Workshops will provide your students with an unforgettable experience, and this is mostly down to the expert staff who carry them out. From history to science, every workshop that we offer here at UK School Trips is carried out by an excellent team of professionals, who are specialists in their chosen workshop topic. Your pupils will be learning from the very best. This type of engaging learning will not only excite your students but will also motivate them for their future learning. 

But the main selling point of School Workshops is that they can be carried out in your very own classroom! This means that there will be no organisation or cost for travel and also that students can feel comfortable in a familiar environment. Having this fun experience in your own school also encourages students to enjoy learning in their classroom environment. This can be hugely beneficial when it comes to future education. 

Please look below to find the perfect School Workshop for you! We have something for everyone!

Wow Day School Workshops are the perfect way to bring school curriculum to life. They can be used for a wide variety of topics and can be delivered from the comfort of your own classroom. 

Wow Day School Workshops motivate students, inspiring them to engage with the topic and further their learning. By bringing an exciting school trip experience into the classroom, students can immerse themselves into their learning and have positive educational experiences in an environment they are comfortable with. This can have future benefits, encouraging pupils to enjoy learning in their own classroom. 

Wow Day School Workshops are also carried out by highly skilled workshop providers, who are professional and have a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that your class will receive an educational yet entertaining experience. And these professionals are happy to work with teachers in order to deliver custom material that is relevant to whatever subject your class is currently studying. 

So, if you’re looking for a School Workshop that will engage and excite your students, Wow Day School Workshops might just be what you’ve been looking for. Here at UK School Trips, we have a great variety of Wow Day School Workshops for you to choose from. Book yours today!

YHA Break Programmes

YHA Break Programmes aim to reach young people and families with the most challenging lives and provide them with life-changing experiences.YHA Break Programmes aim to reach young people and families with the most challenging lives and provide them with life-changing experiences.

We understand the power of travel and adventure to transform a child’s view of the world and their potential to succeed in it, to provide respite and improve health, education and wellbeing. We believe all young people should have the chance to have big adventures, make new friends, try new things and learn vital life skills.

Today, young people face many challenges. Financial hardship, homelessness, disability, long-term illness, bereavement, caring for a parent and other circumstances all limit children’s opportunities. We are here to reach and create new opportunities for those in the greatest need

We are taking enquiries from groups who are seeking support for a residential stay with YHA. All groups must be able to provide pastoral staff to accompany the young people or families. This ensures that groups get the support they need as they prepare for and then take their break.


We are currently taking enquiries from school groups in the Alternative Provision sector of education, along with schools who are interested in taking pupils on a residential break from primary school to secondary school.



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