Never has climate change been so important. With so much advice telling us how to reduce our carbon footprint and ‘go Green’, it’s hard to forget that we are not the only ones that can take an active part in saving the environment…

Accommodation for Educational Groups

We have a wide variety of accommodation ideas for educational groups no matter what size you are from 5 to 200 and more! located within the UK from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales to Northern Ireland in various locations in City Centres, woodlands, Coastal escapes to high up mountains ranges and rolling countryside.

We have accommodation options providing a whole range of differing facilities for your students and pupils to enjoy while out and about experiencing a school trip or residential experience. From hostel accommodation to campus accommodation in great city centre locations such as London, Edinburgh and Cardiff to Residential Accommodation Centres in countryside settings.

The accommodation providers listed have fantastic experience with educational groups, giving you confidence in booking with them.

The accommodation providers can provide bespoke services to your groups such as exclusive hire inside and outside in various forms of accommodation, transport options to local attractions and catering facilities on site and provide packed lunches plus more. So, if you are looking at educational group accommodation options why not search with us via our directory. We have great ideas and options for you!

Here at the ASA we’re taking school swimming seriously, are you? The School Swimming Charter has been developed by the ASA – not a faceless organisation but real people who are committed to helping save lives by ensuring children are safe in the water.

Castle School Trip Ideas

What better way to bring history to life than by visiting an actual historical relic on a castle school trip? Castles, for example, provide visitors with a wealth of history. From the architectural styling to the various battle fields, castles allow students to immerse themselves into the history, providing them with a better understanding and improving their further education.

Here at UK School Trips, we have a wide variety of castles for you to choose from. All the way from Warwick Castle to Carlisle Castle, we have a castle venue for everyone. These school trip destinations provide students with the opportunity to witness hundreds of years come vividly to life, encouraging discovery and engaging pupils outside of the classroom.

After experiencing one of our wonderful Castle School Trips, students will leave with a desire for further historic knowledge, only increasing their interest in the history curriculum back in the classroom. Our venues are not only enjoyable but also inspire learning, providing classes with the chance to really get a sense of how this specific site has changed over time and what life was like for the people who lived there.

So if your class is studying history, why not bring them on one of our fabulous Castle School Trips? Your students are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience and will also come away with better historical understanding. Come and book one of our Castle venues today!!

Learning takes place EVERYWHERE

As schools start to re-open to more pupils and thoughts turn to planning for the coming academic year, teachers are having to contend with and respond to new challenges and adopt new ways of working.

Taking learning beyond the classroom, whether that is into school grounds, supporting pupils at home or visiting a new venue, is a vital tool to helping engage students and support their transition between home and school.

Learning outside the classroom is more than an annual day trip or week away. Learning outside the classroom can help students to flourish, it brings learning to life and builds connections between textbooks and the real world.

To be truly successful learning outside the classroom needs to be part of a progressive programme of activities and experiences that take place across the whole curriculum and all key stages. It is about getting children and young people out and about, providing them with challenging, exciting and different experiences to help them learn; blending short activities around the school grounds with longer experiences off-site.

Are you looking to introduce some imagination and inspiration into your classroom? If so, we’ve got the perfect School Workshop for you…

Creative School Workshops are an excellent way to push your students artistically and bring some fun into your teaching. Whether you want your students to take to the stage in a theatrical performance or would like to see them to work co-operatively in a sensational dance routine, UK School Trips has the perfect workshop for you and your educational group. 

Creative School Workshops are particularly superb because they shine a light on certain areas of the curriculum that can often be pushed aside or ignored. This artistic area of the curriculum, which includes subjects such as drama, music and art, is actually greatly beneficial to students’ personal development. Regardless of whether your class is in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 3, Creative School Workshops will encourage your pupils to push themselves imaginatively and creatively, encouraging them to try out new activities they may have never done before. But not only are these workshops a great way to improve confidence and self-esteem, they can also be used as a fun introduction into other areas of the curriculum. 

So, if you want a creative yet educational experience that can be delivered in your very own classroom, you’ve come to the right place. Browse through our various Creative School Workshops below and pick the perfect workshop for you!

If you’re looking to stimulate and engage students with a particular topic, then Educational Visits are the school trip for you. Whether you want your class to experience a specific geographical location, or would prefer to captivate them with a museum, the possibilities when it comes to Educational Visits are endless.

And UK School Trips has an Educational Visit for every student, regardless of ability or age. All the way from Key Stage 1 up to university level, there is something for every class! And these inclusive experiences not only encourage your students to work together cooperatively but will also inspire them to push themselves academically. 

We have numerous Educational Visits here at UK School Trips, all of which are highly informative as well as being great fun! Rather than simply sitting in a classroom and filling out workshops, the Educational Visits we offer give students the chance to take part in adventurous activities and use their imagination. And what better way to encourage learning than by taking your pupils to have a fun-filled day? Bringing some excitement to the subject that your class is studying will motivate your students to learn more. 

If you’re interested in an Educational Visit of any kind, then check out the fabulous selection that we have below and book yours today!

Workshops are a great way to enrich your students’ learning and bring some excitement into the classroom. All areas of the curriculum and all age groups can be accommodated for, creating an educational and inclusive environment for all students to learn in. 

Educational Workshops can focus on an array of subjects, from geography to drama. By honing in on one particular field of study, your students will have the chance to concentrate on just this one subject. This not only improves your students’ knowledge; it also lays a foundation for future learning. But subject matter is not the only thing your class will be educated on… They will also be introduced to a variety of effective learning methods that they will come to rely on throughout their higher education. 

Educational Workshops also bring specialists of your chosen subject into the classroom. All of the workshops we offer here at UK School Trips are carried out by practiced professionals who can provide your students with an educational experience like no other. These experts can encourage pupils to look at their subject from a different perspective, inspiring them to learn more! 

So, if you’re looking for a learning experience that is exciting, unique and highly educational, you’ve come to the right place. Book your Educational Workshop with UK School Trips today!

At UK School Trips we realise that many of you are working hard to plan fun and educational outings for your class or group on very tight and restrictive budgets.

Geography School Trip Ideas

Geography School Trips or Geography Field Trips are a fascinating Topic, in which students and pupils are able to explore the land, characteristics, populations, and phenomena of the Earth. It truly is an engaging subject and allows students to take an active role in their learning while experiencing a memorable learning outside of the classroom experience.  If Geography in relation to a field trip is a topic that your class is studying or simply interested in, then UK School Trips have got you covered. We offer a variety of Geography-based School Trip destinations, where students will have the chance to further their geographical understanding, whether it be for human or physical geography.

Regardless of whether your students are in KS1 or at a college level, we provide venues for all ages and abilities. These will not only be enjoyed by all of your pupils, but will also challenge them, encouraging them to push their own personal educational boundaries.

The great thing about Geography School Trips is that they can be so diverse and unique. You can tailor your School Trip to be exactly what your class requires, whether you want to explore the natural landscape or discover the urban environment.

So, if you’re looking for a Geography focused School Trip for your Primary or Secondary Group that will not only be enjoyable but also highly informative, then you’ve found the right place. Explore the numerous destinations that we have on offer and find your perfect School Trip destination today!


At UK School Trips we have a conscience and that conscience means we also want to spend our time engaging you in all the little things that can make a major difference. 

Unfortunately, where there is fun and adventure, there are normally risks to accompany it. This page is to help teachers, youth leaders and parents understand where those risks may lie and also give advice from the experts on how to stay safe and healthy on a school visit. 

At UK School Trips we appreciate the importance of not only acting healthy but also eating healthy. A child that eats a nutritious and balanced diet will have much more chance of performing better inside and outside the classroom. Remember what mum used to say ?an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

History School Trip

History is one of the most valuable areas of the curriculum, in which students can explore the past and discover what has created the world we live in today. One of the great things about history is its diversity, allowing pupils to pursue specific areas that particularly interest them.

Here at UK School Trips, we have a School Trip for whatever period of history your class is studying, whether it be the Second World War or the Vikings. We also ensure that we only provide the best venues that are available, guaranteeing that your class will have an enjoyable and highly educational School Trip experience.

By visiting a Historic School Trip destination, students will be able to develop their understanding in a way that is impossible in the classroom. Seeing sites and objects firsthand allows students to truly think about the past and understand the reality of the situation.

From historic museums to immersive workshops, we have something to suit every school. Students will even be given the chance to handle valuable artefacts, transporting them back into the past and allowing them to further their understanding on the subject.

We are honored to have some of the best historic destinations that the country has to offer. Whether it be the Imperial War Museum Group, Warwick Castle, National Slate Museum Wales, Golden Hinde, Jorvik Viking Museums and The Edinburgh Dungeon these venues will fail to disappoint, providing both students and teachers with memories that will last a lifetime.

See some videos also of fantastic venues listed with UK School Trips:


Natural History Museum London

English Heritage Dover Castle Wartime Tunnels

So come and have a look at our numerous History School Trips and pick the perfect venue for you!

At we are very proud that many venues we work with have been amongst the first to be awarded the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

school trip science museum

Science Museums are the perfect school trip for any classes that are studying chemistry, physics or biology. Here, students will find themselves surrounded by scientific phenomena that will not only engage them but will also increase their hunger for scientific knowledge.

We provide Science Museums for all students, regardless of what Key Stage they are in or their educational abilities, meaning that no pupil will have to miss out on these mind-blowing school trip experiences! The Museums that we offer provide students with the opportunity to take part in specialist scientific activities, where they will find themselves fully immersed in the world of science…

All of our Science Museums have been designed to enhance scientific learning and increase engagement with this area of curriculum. Students will return to the classroom with a new curiosity in scientific processes, making your classes more immersive and creating a stimulating atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. 

However, knowledge is not the only thing that will prosper at our Science Museums. Your pupils will also have the opportunity to explore their creative side, inventing new products and using their imagination to overcome various scientific obstacles.

All of the venues that we offer are guaranteed to provide a fun yet educational school trip experience. Students will have the chance to look at science from a different perspective, in a new environment, surrounded by specialists who have scientific knowledge that is unparalleled.

Residential Activity Centre Ideas South West

Residential Activity Centers for primary and secondary schools South West provide students and teachers with a unique educational experience, in which classes come closer together and learn the importance of teamwork. Pupils will leave with a variety of skills, such as good leadership and communication abilities, that will benefit them throughout their academic career and even into the future.

One of the great things about Residential School Trips is that they allow pupils to escape from the classroom and learn in a new and engaging environment with their friends. However, even better than this is the numerous adventurous activities that your class will have the chance to try! Whether you want to:

  • Canoe
  • Surf
  • Abseil
  • Cycle
  • Try Archery
  • Balance on High Rope or low Ropes
  • Sail
  • Learn bush-craft/forest skills
  • Gorge Walk

Our varied list of venues offers various activities designed around your school or educational groups needs when planning a school residential trip to the South West

If an adventurous Residential Activity Centre school trip sounds like something you’d be interested in, then check out some of our best destinations that are located in Bristol, Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. These counties provide a wealth of history, it also has stunning landscapes where students can really immerse themselves into nature. Your class will have the chance to appreciate wildlife in a way they may never have done before. The stunning Coasts and the varied natural environments provide the perfect backdrop for the outdoor activities that you and your class will never forget.

If this sounds like something you and your students would be interested in, then wait no longer! Book your Residential Experience today and enjoy what awaits you…

School Residential Trips Ideas

School Residential Trips will provide you and your class with an experience like no other! The longer time frame means that students will have the chance to really work on some essential life skills, such as teambuilding and leadership or just experience active outdoor fun activities.

Here at UK School Trips, we believe that Residential School Trips are a fantastic experience, that will both excite and stimulate students and pupils of all ages. The chance to spend quality time with their classmates and enjoy a new environment is something that your students will never forget.

The quality of the residential outdoor activity centres is something that is very important to us. That is why only the best Outdoor Residential Centers are listed on our website. Students and pupils of all ages and abilities can be accommodated for in our wide array of fabulous destinations.

Whether you want to enjoy the environment and tackle some challenging watersports, or would prefer to stay in one of our urban venues and soak up the history of a particular city.  On our residential school trips, students will have a one-of-a-kind experience that they will get to share with their fellow classmates, making them closer as a group. This can be beneficial not only towards their learning but also towards attitudes and relationships in the classroom.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your own unforgettable Residential School Trip experience here on UK School Trips!

School Trip Biology Ideas

Biology is a fascinating curriculum subject that covers many different topics at primary and secondary level, here at UK School Trips since 2006 we have proudly listed on the directory some fantastic venues and workshops that cover this subject in multiple ways through interactive tours, exciting workshops and hands on experiences that students and pupils will never forget.

School Trip Biology can cover subject areas such as:

Biodiversity and Evolution

Natural resources, Environment and Species Survival

Ecosystems and Sustainability


Anatomical Specimens / Human Body

Many of the school trip ideas listed provide and complement studies in the classroom, whether you want to become a marine biologist researching the natural world to a vet caring and saving a range of animal’s biology is so important in the world today. Students and pupils on a the trip will gain first-hand experience by researching in workshop projects gaining skills such as problem solving, working in a team, using organisational skills and analytical skills to name a few, plus having a fun enjoyable trip with friends and classmates.

Biology is a key subject for lots of STEM careers and on a school trip you will experience these environments from an environment/science centre, field trip, zoo, wild life centre, outdoor environment centres, anatomical interactive Museum, wildlife centres, safaris parks, space discovery centres, forest schools and a multitude of workshop services. So, to all you hard working head teachers and educational visit co-ordinators and heroes in the education sector start looking for great ideas and options for planning your biology school trip below via UK School Trips directory.

School Trip Bushcraft Courses

School Trip Bushcraft Courses provide schools and educational groups with a fun experience while exploring nature and get in touch with one’s rural roots. On a bushcraft school trip, students and pupils will be taught wilderness survival skills which they might not get the chance to learn anywhere else.  Many of our Bushcraft experiences take place in an outdoor setting, where students will have the opportunity to discover their environment and appreciate their natural surroundings. Regardless of the weather, your class will have an experience like no other, where they will learn essential survival skills that they will require throughout their lifetimes.

Whatever the age or ability of your students, everybody will be catered for. Here at UK School Trips, we believe that every pupil should be entitled to the same experiences. That is why our venues are inclusive and accepting of all classes. Whatever your needs may be, we will find the perfect Bushcraft experience for you!

Alongside being educated on survival and outdoor skills, your class will also be given the opportunity to take part in various fun and adventurous activities. Whether it’s climbing or watersports, students will have to work co-operatively to complete these tasks, improving their ability to work as a team and be a successful leader.

Bushcraft School Trips are excellent way for your students to learn critical life skills that they will come to use again and again. But education isn’t the only thing your class will take away. Our destinations provide unforgettable School Trips, which your students will enjoy and cherish.

school trip ideas Scotland

Needing school trip Ideas in Scotland! You need UK School Trips:

Scotland is a part of the UK which is not only massively geographically diverse, but also has a wealth of history that is just waiting to be explored.  Regardless of what area of the curriculum you’re looking to study, Scotland has a wide variety of spectacular school trip ideas for you to choose from when planning a school trip or educational visit for your school pupils weather they are in primary or secondary studies.

It goes without saying that for classes studying geography or geology, Scotland will be their dream School Trip Destination. The vast landscapes and stunning sceneries ensure that this region of the UK is a geographer’s idea of heaven. One of Scotland’s main selling points is that there is so much for you to choose from! Whether you want to explore the Scottish highland’s or the Central Lowlands, Scotland has everything you could wish for. Geographical students will certainly not be left disappointed.

Scotland offers contrasting locations with fascinating flora and fauna perfect for an environmental field trip or even experience the natural wildlife that the highland, lochs and lowlands offer in abundance or why not try Edinburgh or Glasgow buzzing vibrant cities offering a multitude of day trips and historical architecture.

Various outdoor adventure centers are located up and down Scotland that utilize their natural surroundings for the benefit of students looking to take on a physical challenge or. There are high ropes courses for classes looking to take to the trees, as well as outdoor pursuits that will test your pupils’ abilities to work as a team and co-operative effectively.

On the whole, Scotland is most definitely worth visiting. Students and pupils will be able to experience the fabulous country that is Scotland, while also being educated in a stimulating way.  

school trip wales

The mountainous country of Wales provides the perfect backdrop for numerous School Trip Ideas and experiences. Whether you want your class to explore the breathtaking Mount Snowdon or would prefer to discover one of the numerous historic castles that Wales has to offer, there is something here for classes of all ages and abilities.

One of Wales’ greatest selling points is its fantastic geography. Geographically, there really is everything that you could wish for. For classes looking to delve underground, the Slate Caverns provide deep mine tours where students can discover life and the environment beneath the surface. At the other end of the spectrum, students can take to the tree tops and explore nature from above on the Go Ape high ropes course. Not only are these School Trips geographically educational, they also provide students with a one-of-a-kind experience that they will never forget.

Wales is also known for its traditional Celtic language and national history. If you want your class to study the culture of Wales, then UK School Trips is the place for you. We provide a wide variety of extraordinary School Trips, all of which highlight the history of Wales as a nation. The numerous castles and spectacular manor houses offer intriguing experiences, where your students will unearth knowledge on Wales that they may have never come across before.

Wales is a country that is brimming with educational and enjoyable School Trip destinations. Come and book your own Welsh adventure with us today!

School trips provide a wonderful and quite often memorable learning experience for children, it is an opportunity for them to not only discover new sights and sounds in a unfamiliar environment, but also develop a flair for investigation, the ability to make decisions, lead a group or sometimes just to have that bit of independence they don?t necessarily get in the classroom. There is much to be discovered on school trips within the UK and abroad.

school trip stem ideas

STEM School Trips are educational experiences in which four specific disciplines are studied. These are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. By teaching these academic subjects using an interdisciplinary approach, students will have the chance to explore subject-matter that is not only engaging but can also be applied to the real world.

Here at UK School Trips, we recognize STEM as an important area of the curriculum and therefore, we have ensured that we only provide the best School Trips on offer when it comes to this subject. Whether you’re considering an engaging STEM workshop, or perhaps an adventurous day trip, we promise to deliver whatever it is you’re looking for.

What is particularly great about STEM School Trips is that it’s not just one area of the curriculum that is studied. This allows students to excel in the topic that most interests them. Whether you have students who do well in science or maybe prefer technology, all pupils will be given the chance to shine and further their abilities. Not only will this be beneficial to their learning, but will also have positive impacts on confidence and self-esteem.

So if you’re looking for a STEM school trip experience, look no further! Our School Trip venues are guaranteed to be enjoyed by all, even the teaching staff, making you want to return year after year.

school trip water sports

School Trip Water Sports are a great and fun way to engage students in physical education. Not only will students improve their physical abilities, they will also develop many valuable life skills, such as teamwork and leadership qualities.  Our Water Sports destinations are inclusive of all students, meaning that pupils of all abilities will be able to take part and contribute to the School Trip experience. After taking part, classes will become closer as a team and co-operate better within their classes.

But perhaps the most exciting part about our Water Sports School Trips is the activities that your class will be able to participate in. From canoeing and kayaking to paddle boarding and even trying a banana boat ride, there is something that will appeal to all pupils!

These venues make for the perfect end of term reward where students can enjoy themselves and also have fun with their peers. However, this isn’t all that students will leave with. After taking part in one of our numerous School Trips, pupils will have improved both their physical abilities and also their cooperation skills. These are qualities that students will need throughout their educational careers as well as during their lifetime.

So, what’s holding you back? Book your Water Sports School Trip today and take your class on an unforgettable trip that will teach critical skills, which students will rely on into the future.

school trips South East

The South East is home to numerous beautiful destinations and counties such as Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex, school trips and educational groups will experience and appreciate their natural surroundings and explore what the environment has to offer. Not only is there the stunning South Downs, there are also various other breath-taking locations, such as the Chiltern Hills and the New Forest to name only a few.

These destinations make the South East one of the best places to learn about the environment. In today’s current climate, it is vital that all students are educated on the environment and how our actions effect the future of the entire planet. Whether you want your students to discover marine life at the Sea Life Centre, or would rather have them explore the wonders of sustainable living at Shortenills Environmental Education Centre, the South East has something for all students.

However, the fabulous nature of the South East is not only good for studying the environment. It also makes the South East an ideal location to physically challenge students. Regardless of age and ability, our School Trip Venues push students to their own personal limits, allowing them to set their own goals and leave with a sense of accomplishment. But your students won’t only leave our School Trips with a feeling of self-satisfaction. Our destinations will also encourage pupils to work as a team, allowing them to build on their co-operation and communication abilities.

Here are a few examples of fantastic school trips in the South East that focus on the Evironment and Wildlife:

The Sustainability Activity Centre is Located in the South Downs National Park

Wildwood Trust Wildlife Education Kent

We have so many more fantastic options for you when planning a school trip! so what you waiting for!



School Water Sports Trip Cornwall


If you’re on the lookout for a School Trip that will not only educate your students on the importance of teamwork and co-operation, but will also be physically challenging, then a Water Sports School Trip is what you need and there is no better pace to experience this than Cornwall in the South West.

Not only are Water Sports fun and exciting, they will also prompt pupils & students to learn skills and techniques that they may never have come across before. The thrilling activities on offer will, of course, challenge your pupils physically. However, they will also put your students’ leadership abilities to the test, forcing them to work in a group and communicate effectively. 

Let your class take to the water, where they can take part in numerous adventurous activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, wake-boarding and even surfing! For various pupils and students, this may be something they have never tried before, providing them with a one-of-a-kind experience that they’ll never forget.

Looking for the perfect Water Sports destination? Then head to Cornwall. With its famous coastlines and stunning landscapes, Cornwall provides the ideal location for any classes wishing to explore the water and experience the wild Atlantic coastline.

The excellent facilities on offer and helpful staff ensure that all students will enjoy themselves, even if Water Sports is new to them. Our destinations even provide bespoke courses, meaning that you can tailor your experience to meet the needs and requirements of your class.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your School Trip Water Sports adventure in Cornwall today!

school workshops

Needing some inspirational School Workshops that come to your educational location, Primary or Secondary school. School Workshops that come to you! Can provide a fantastic service (outreach) to Engauge with your class or even year group in the safety of your school grounds.

Pupils and students will be fully immersed and enriched throughout the many workshops that can inspire your pupils and bring learning to life in your classroom or large sports or drama hall. There are many workshops ranging from, History, Biology, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Tourism, Science, Art, Computer Coding and Circus skills which will give interactive and fun hands on experiences which will of course tie into the national curriculum and key stage that you require.  

All the Workshop providers will have the ability to tailor make a workshop to your needs and will have high levels of experience and qualified professional staff who will be DBS checked. So, if you are a teacher or educational group trip organiser most of the work is taken out of your hands.  You will see from our list of school workshop providers where they can travel to and which specific region of the UK. So, what are you waiting call enquire and book via the UK School Trips Web Directory:

If you’re looking for a School Workshop in the London region, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at UK School Trips, we have numerous School Workshops in London that cover all areas of the curriculum. 

Regardless of what key stage your class is in or what subject your students are currently studying, UK School Trips has a Workshop for everyone. From robotics to dance, there truly is something for every class. 

One of the cool things about School Workshops is that they can be delivered in your very own classroom. This means that students can feel comfortable in their environment. This is not only beneficial to their self-esteem and confidence but can also be advantageous to their learning. It also saves the hassle of having to organise and pay for transportation!

The workshops here at UK School Trips provide a fabulous service in which classes can try out various interactive experiences that engages students and inspires them to further their learning. All of our workshops are carried out by seasoned professionals who use their expertise to stimulate students and motivate them with their future education. 

So why not book your School Workshop today and provide your class with a learning experience like no other? 

school workshops near me

Looking for an interactive educational experience? Want something that both engages your students and grabs their attention? If this is the case, then our School Workshops are the School Trip for you!

Our Workshops provide students with an intriguing experience, in which all aspects of the curriculum can be covered. Whether you want to study the performing arts or biology, we have a Workshop for everyone!

As well as this, many of our Workshops are able to bring the School Trip to your very own classroom, saving you from the hassle of transportation and allowing students to learn in a more familiar classroom environment.

Here at UK School Trips, we regard Workshops as a chance for students to learn in a new and unique way. Therefore, we only provide the best Workshops, ensuring that you and your class will thoroughly enjoy themselves. Our friendly teams and fabulous facilities guarantee to leave your pupils inspired and hungry for more knowledge.

Our Workshops cater for all students, regardless of age or ability. There is something for everyone, whether primary school children want to explore nutrition at one of our Pizza Express Workshops, or older students wish to discover the world of science with the Explorer Dome experience.  

So, what’s holding you back? Book your School Workshop today and create memories that will stay with your class forever!

Founded by teachers over forty years ago, Teachers Building Society continues to provide a dedicated mortgage service to people working in education today.  Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving home or looking to switch your mortgage from another provider, our mortgage consultants understand teachers and can help you every step of the way.

At UK School Trips we can't endorse The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto that the Government launched last November enough.

School Workshops are a fabulous way to enrich your class subjects and inspire your students. There are workshops for every area of the curriculum, ensuring that your class, regardless of what you are studying, can be accommodated for. 

School Workshops will provide your students with an unforgettable experience, and this is mostly down to the expert staff who carry them out. From history to science, every workshop that we offer here at UK School Trips is carried out by an excellent team of professionals, who are specialists in their chosen workshop topic. Your pupils will be learning from the very best. This type of engaging learning will not only excite your students but will also motivate them for their future learning. 

But the main selling point of School Workshops is that they can be carried out in your very own classroom! This means that there will be no organisation or cost for travel and also that students can feel comfortable in a familiar environment. Having this fun experience in your own school also encourages students to enjoy learning in their classroom environment. This can be hugely beneficial when it comes to future education. 

Please look below to find the perfect School Workshop for you! We have something for everyone!

YHA Break Programmes

YHA Break Programmes aim to reach young people and families with the most challenging lives and provide them with life-changing experiences.YHA Break Programmes aim to reach young people and families with the most challenging lives and provide them with life-changing experiences.

We understand the power of travel and adventure to transform a child’s view of the world and their potential to succeed in it, to provide respite and improve health, education and wellbeing. We believe all young people should have the chance to have big adventures, make new friends, try new things and learn vital life skills.

Today, young people face many challenges. Financial hardship, homelessness, disability, long-term illness, bereavement, caring for a parent and other circumstances all limit children’s opportunities. We are here to reach and create new opportunities for those in the greatest need

We are taking enquiries from groups who are seeking support for a residential stay with YHA. All groups must be able to provide pastoral staff to accompany the young people or families. This ensures that groups get the support they need as they prepare for and then take their break.


We are currently taking enquiries from school groups in the Alternative Provision sector of education, along with schools who are interested in taking pupils on a residential break from primary school to secondary school.



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