Never has climate change been so important. With so much advice telling us how to reduce our carbon footprint and ‘go Green’, it’s hard to forget that we are not the only ones that can take an active part in saving the environment…

Here at the ASA we’re taking school swimming seriously, are you? The School Swimming Charter has been developed by the ASA – not a faceless organisation but real people who are committed to helping save lives by ensuring children are safe in the water.

At UK School Trips we realise that many of you are working hard to plan fun and educational outings for your class or group on very tight and restrictive budgets.

At UK School Trips we have a conscience and that conscience means we also want to spend our time engaging you in all the little things that can make a major difference. 

Unfortunately, where there is fun and adventure, there are normally risks to accompany it. This page is to help teachers, youth leaders and parents understand where those risks may lie and also give advice from the experts on how to stay safe and healthy on a school visit. 

At UK School Trips we appreciate the importance of not only acting healthy but also eating healthy. A child that eats a nutritious and balanced diet will have much more chance of performing better inside and outside the classroom. Remember what mum used to say ?an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto was launched in November 2006.This section has been added because we want to make sure that every user of is fully aware of the wealth of support and help that is happening for you right now, because of the manifesto, and update you on its progress. We also want to encourage you to register your support to the manifesto.

At we are very proud that many venues we work with have been amongst the first to be awarded the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

School trips provide a wonderful and quite often memorable learning experience for children, it is an opportunity for them to not only discover new sights and sounds in a unfamiliar environment, but also develop a flair for investigation, the ability to make decisions, lead a group or sometimes just to have that bit of independence they don?t necessarily get in the classroom. There is much to be discovered on school trips within the UK and abroad.

Founded by teachers over forty years ago, Teachers Building Society continues to provide a dedicated mortgage service to people working in education today.  Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving home or looking to switch your mortgage from another provider, our mortgage consultants understand teachers and can help you every step of the way.

At UK School Trips we can't endorse The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto that the Government launched last November enough.

A £1 million Breaks 4 Kids fund has been re-launched by the YHA, formerly known as the Youth Hostel Association, to help fund youth and school trips for children from low income households. 

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