Needing an inspirational workshop idea? did you know that live Online group interactive workshops have been created due to the current climate, we have many fantastic day trip venues and workshop providers that have created via their expert experience and professional knowledge, many fantastic educational topics and subjects presented live through to your school classroom via laptop straight to your student or educational group member.

This fantastic online learning experience provides interactive live experiences bringing teaching sessions to life, the use of on-line learning technologies can provide a totally new experience. The workshops and day trip venues below are run by providers who have years of experience teaching the national curriculum in their field of work.

This type of online school workshop experience can provide many positive points from travel costs not required to slightly dangerous geographical and challenging environments being avoided for the safety of your pupils plus teaching time can be maximized in this way. We believe these can be run alongside traditional school trips and interactive workshops to bring a whole new 2020/21 experience to your students learning.  

We are all learning this new way of life and ever changing external and internal environment but at UK School Trips we always want to help and champion the ideal of fantastic school trip and workshop experiences no matter what the format. So, what you waiting for! start searching for fantastic online interactive school workshop experiences below:

School Online Interactive Workshop Ideas

PrimeVR Virtual Reality School Workshops Nationwide

PrimeVR is the UK's leading VR workshop provider and it's no wonder why! PrimeVR uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the outside world into the classroom, creating a learning experience like no other.

Immersive Experiences Mobile Planetarium School Workshops Nationwide

Immersive Experiences is the UK's multi-award-winning immersive learning/entertainment outreach provider, reaching a record breaking 200,000 people a year.
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