Skern Lodge

Valid from 04-05-2020 to 07-05-2020

Areas Served: South West

Skern Lodge

Usual price: £300 + VAT.

Discounted price: £265 + VAT.

Valid from/to: 4th - 7th May 2020.

Skern provides a great adventurous experience with a wide range of exciting activities to choose from including surfing and river kayaking.

We currently have availability for 130 students plus staff during the 4th – 7th May 2020 leaving the Bank holiday free. Times would be from 1pm Monday till 1pm Thursday. This includes all food and accommodation, activities from 9am till 9pm and transport whilst at the centre.

You can choose your activities from our wide range on offer, and we will put together and deliver a programme that makes every day fun, exciting and educational.

Finishing on the Thursday also leaves the long Bank Holiday weekend to rest after a busy week before returning back to school.


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Contact Name: Barry Kaufman-Hill

Telephone Number: 01237 475992

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