Harbour Park Price Discount May to July 2018

Valid from 09-03-2018 to 31-07-2018

Areas Served: South East

Special offer: ICE CREAM – SUPER DEAL on the seafront school trips

Usual price:  Retail prices up to £2.30

Discounted price: Can be as low as £1

Valid from/to: Midweek (Mon – Fri in term time only) excluding bank & school holidays in May/June/July 

Why is this offer fabulous for school trips? 
You don’t have to be visiting Harbour Park, just the wonderful beach and/or riverside.Contact us in advance of your trip to book in ice cream for the whole trip at a fabulous low price.Allergen options can be discussed and adjusted for.

Contact: Carolyn or Kathy: 01903 712 894 or Email: admin@harbourpark.com

Website Address: https://www.harbourpark.com/

Town: Littlehampton, Sussex

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