Clip ‘n Climb Ilkley

Valid from 29-04-2019 to 31-12-2019

Areas Served: Yorkshire

Usual price: 

4-6yrs = £10pp including VAT. (£8.34 + VAT)   

7-17yrs = £12.50pp including VAT.   (£10.42 + VAT)  

Discounted price:

4-6yrs = £8pp including VAT.   (£6.67 + VAT)

7-17yrs = £10pp including VAT. (£8.34 + VAT)

Valid from/to: All year round

Great for large groups with a budget. Situated on the railway platform at Ilkley Train Station allows easy transport by train. Our staff take care of your children whilst on site (although a teacher does need to be present). Teachers climb for free for all or part of the time. We can offer a sandwich buffet lunch for the children at a reasonable price or allow the children to eat their packed lunch on site (subject to availability of café).  Children will develop co-ordination skills and confidence.  Children with lower self esteem will feel they can achieve, because it is them and the walls and not necessarily competitive with fellow students. It provides mental and physical exercise, whilst having so much fun.

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Telephone Number: 01943 603829

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