Lydd Kart Circuit Kent

Valid from 01-01-2020 to 31-12-2020

Areas Served: South East

Lydd Kart 1

£20 per person for a 1 x 15 min session on track.

£40 per person for a 1 x 30 min session on track.

Above costs are in place for all of 2020. 

Includes equipment hire: the kart, gloves/suit/helmet. The kart experience includes a decent driver briefing explaining how to drive your petrol hire kart, a few flags that motorsport uses/safety in motorsport. All children take part in brake testing procedure before being allowed on the live circuit. Here they sit in the kart, which is located in the pit lane ready for them, a marshal will work with each child in turn and give instruction to practice starting and stopping 2/3 times. So, the child knows how to operate the kart before going on the live circuit. All staff are on radio and marshals are on track throughout the duration of the event. The karts have a transponder fitted, which is a timing device, so at the end of the session results are printed, which show everyone’s lap time and indicates a driver fastest lap time. Children have great fun going through these results.

All bookings must be pre-booked, details/costs as above.

Very much an enjoyable leisure experience where kids can cheer their fellow friends.


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Contact Name: Sue Hart

Telephone Number: 01797 321747 / 321895

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