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The Monkey Mobile - Coming Soon To A Classroom Near You!


The Monkey World education team are pleased to be able to visit more schools now, thanks to the donation of a car from a supporter!

Monkey World were grateful to hear they were the recipients of a supporter’s legacy, which included the Toyota IQ2, after she sadly passed. With her gift to Monkey World in her will, this Monkey World fan has ensured that her love of primate conservation and welfare will be passed onto a whole new generation. The education team visit schools within a 100 mile radius, with workshops and talks on Monkey World, and curriculum based learning- all wrapped up within animal welfare and conservation.

For extra excitement, the car has been ‘monkey-fied’- decorated with images of the popular faces at Monkey World, from orangutan Gordon to chimpanzee Rodders, and lots of others beside! Monkey World would like to thank Toyota Westover for sponsoring the car’s transformation, and Mac Signs for carrying out such beautiful work. Hopefully, the students will be able to see the team coming now!

If you’d like the Monkey Mobile to visit your classroom, please contact 01929 401022 or email education@monkeyworld.org.


Website Address: http://www.monkeyworld.org

Email Address: apes@monkeyworld.org

Telephone Number: 01929 462

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