The Mind of Moriarty: Live Escape Experience

From the makers of the award-winning Sherlock: The Official Live Game, comes a brand-new live immersive escape experience.

After successfully completing a mission for the covert British Intelligence agency, The Network, you may think it’s time to celebrate. However, not all is as it seems, as the world’s most devious man has one last trick up his sleeve…

It’s now up to you to enter into the diabolical mind of Moriarty and take down the ‘Napoleon of Crime’ from the inside. Step inside a digital reality and get ready to travel through his memories of classic moments from the hit BBC show. You’ll need to solve a series of perilous puzzles to escape, but fear not, help will be provided through content from the cast.

This unique immersive experience is brought to life through an innovative mix of digital media, which will transport you to the heart of the most memorable Sherlock scenes.

Have you got what it takes to defeat Moriarty, one last time?

In this brand-new escape experience your students will challenge their Teamwork and communication skills; their problem solving skills and initiative as well as their focus and determination.

Further info about the listing:

Sherlock The Official Live Game Immersive Experience London


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