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The Benefits of Outdoor Education at Kingswood


The Benefits of Outdoor Education:

The benefits of outdoor education are well documented but after the challenges of the past year, it couldn’t be more important. 

A recent study revealed that the mental health of children, in particular, has been adversely affected by the lockdown[1]. It is so important that these feelings don’t become the norm and instead everything is done to build up young people’s confidence and resilience. 

This is something residential experiences and outdoor learning can really help with. 

Steve Anderson, Head of Activities at outdoor education and adventure provider, Kingswood, said: “Studies have uncovered the numerous benefits to mental health in being outside in nature[2]. These range from alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression, through to improving self-esteem confidence and mood. 

“In fact, a recent report by DEFRA and the University of Exeter[3] shows there is evidence of a number of positive impacts to mental health and wellbeing associated with school based residential trips to natural environments. These include an increase in resilience and capacity to face challenges, improved relationships and enhanced social skills. There is also some evidence of increases in student motivation to learn associated with residential experiences and connection to nature.

“We often find that being in a different learning environment rather than sitting at a desk in a classroom, really helps to boost children’s engagement. Trips like residentials can really help as children are able to be among their peers, be outside, be moving, and learn all while having fun in a positive and safe environment.”

While being outside helps to bring multiple mental health benefits, it also plays a part in enhancing character development. 

Steve added: “The activities on offer at our Kingswood centres help to build the confidence of children and give them a sense of pride in their abilities. It’s not every day that they get the chance to go canoeing, abseiling, and fencing, and it’s the shared sense of accomplishment that comes with these activities which is so invaluable to young people.”

Not only that but it also helps to develop and improve key skills such as teamwork, confidence, and resilience. 

By spending time outdoors with their peers and carrying out activities, children and young people can really discover their full potential and all the amazing things they are capable of. And with complete programmes designed to place children in these situations and support them throughout, a residential experience at Kingswood can be invaluable in building a child’s self-belief.  

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