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The UK’s leading independent online school trip adviser,, is putting Science and Engineering Week in the spot light this year, by encouraging schools across the country to celebrate the annual drive in style with a science related school trip.

Science and Engineering Week (formerly National Science Week), which is set to start on Monday 10th March, is an annual drive for people of all ages, areas and organisations to take part in science, engineering and technology.

UK School Trips is urging teachers and educational organisers to celebrate science and engineering with their pupils this year, in a bid to encourage more school children to enjoy science and engineering subjects within UK schools.

The Internet based school trip adviser wants head teachers and schools across the UK to give their pupils the chance to experience one of their leading science and engineering related school trip attractions and destinations featured at

Teachers and educational organisers will find attractions such as Aero Venture, Airlix, Catalyst Science Discovery Centre, Hands on at Science Oxford, National Marine Aquarium, Science Made Simple, The Star Centre and Techniquest@Newi featured on the site ? which is just a small selection of the venues and destinations which specialise and focus on science and engineering subjects set out in the National Curriculum. strongly believes science and engineering activity helps to motivate children and supports their learning and development ? as well as being fun!

National Science and Engineering Week is organised by the British Association for the Advancements of Science (BA) in partnership with the Engineering and Technology Board and funded by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

Established in 1831, the BA organises major events across the UK, including the BA Festival of Science and the National Science and Engineering Week.

UK School Trips is the UK?s leading online trip adviser for UK school trips. The Internet based school trip adviser has been successfully providing information for planning school trips for schools, colleges, nurseries, special schools, youth group leaders, child minders and parents throughout the UK.

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