School Trip Roman History Lancashire

Need Some Roman Histroy Facts Regarding a School Trip in Lancashire

The conquest of Britain and its inclusion into the Roman Empire began in AD 43 when the Emperor Claudius landed on the south coast and fought a campaign northwards to overcome celtic native opposition. Pro- native tribes aided the gradual invasion and an eventual treaty was made with Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes. Under subsequent generals the Roman army penetrated north across Brigantia and established a permanent presence with the construction of the first forts in the northwest, at Ribchester and Carlisle around AD 72.

Under the Governorship of Julius Agricola the forts at Kirkham and Lancaster, and along the Lune Valley were established. Agricola also constructed the fort at Mamucium (sometimes Mamuciam – modern day Castlefield) in the City of Manchester. Other camps later appeared at Warrington, Wigan and Walton-le-Dale. Roman roads were soon constructed to connect these forts, and these still underlie the major road networks that criss-cross the County of Lancashire today.  So what are you waiting for ?

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