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School Trip Music Workshops Liverpool At the British Music Experience


British Music Experience Liverpool

When you book with the British Music Experience your trip will include a facilitated tour from one of our Learning Crew. The tour takes your class through the decades of music illuminating the historical, social and cultural significance music had upon the decades. As well as a tour your trip includes one of our Educational workshops, from how Shakespeare has more in common with Hip-Hop then you might first think, tactile workshops exploring music scores or the presence of the 4/4 beat in popular music to history based workshops looking at the history of popular music. There is something for every key stage 1-4.

You will also get exclusive use of our dedicated learning space the Discovery Zone where you can store belongings and have your lunch. Then to top it all off your students will enjoy time in the Gibson Interactive Music studio where they get to play and record on high end musical instruments. If playing isn’t their thing then they can get dancing in our Dance the Decades booth or singing in our Vocal Studio.

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