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With the Roman Conquest in 43 AD came the first written records of England’s history. From the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall to the lesser known villas and amphitheatres that once dotted the land, Britain has a surprisingly large amount of Roman ruins that can still be visited today.

Although most of the remains are in England, Wales also provides some preserved sites in the country including the five metre high city walls of Venta Silurum and the spectacular remains of Isca Augusta. So why not take your history school trip to see what the romans have built in the past see some of the spectacular venues that we have listed on the site below:

Guildhall Art Gallery and London Roman Amphitheatre

Explore the impressive remains of London’s Roman Amphitheatre as part of a dual visit to the Museum of London. The visit incorporates a Roman object “handling session” facilitated by a trained archaeologist, an amphitheater trail and a self-guided tour of the Roman Gallery at the Museum of London. The session examines the topography of Roman London, its most important buildings and life in the city almost two thousand years ago. See Museum of London website for further details.

Roman Baths North Somerset

At the heart of the World Heritage Site is the Roman Baths. On a visit you can see the ruins of the Temple of Minerva, visit the bath-house where people bathed nearly 2000 years ago and see the only hot springs in the UK. You will walk where Romans once walked around the Great Bath and meet Roman characters from the town of Aquae Sulis.

Primary schools

Meet the Romans – explore history, literacy and numeracy in our special session for years 3 and 4. Handle artefacts a Roman would use to take a bath and try the ‘counter challenge’ and ‘take a view’on the past.

Roman Life – investigate life as a Roman. Handle roman artefacts choosing a session from bathing, buildings and technology or cooking and food and also choose to dress as a Roman, make marvelous mosaics or try our write on challenge.


Romans Revisited – KS3 – history

Romans revisited is a 1 hour interactive session. Handling, observation and investigation of artefacts and sources offers pupils the chance to explore Roman bathing and Roman life at this historic site, whilst also encouraging them to make important links to their own lives today.

Lullingstone Roman Villa Kent South East

One of the most important and complete Roman villas in Britain with outstanding mosaics and an extensive range of collections and activities for learning.

Ancient Technology Centre Dorset

The Ancient Technology Centre offers visiting groups the opportunity to learn and experience first-hand the skills and crafts that our ancient and not so distant ancestors practiced. All within its unique environment of reconstructed buildings ranging from a Neolithic log structure, a Bronze Age stone house and sheep enclosure, a late Bronze Age/ Early Iron Age Earthouse, an Iron Age Roundhouse, a Roman Forge and Workshop, a Saxon Sunken House, and a Viking Longhouse.

Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life

Romans & Saxons

Children are thrown into the tension and drama as this event takes
them back to 367AD: The Great Conspiracy. The Roman Empire is beginning to crumble. The Roman legions in Britannia find themselves isolated and vulnerable to attack from invaders, including Saxon raiders from the East.

Pupils are forced to decide their own fate: defend as a Roman; join the invasion or flee back to Rome.

Packed with drama, artefacts, Beowulf and replica weapons, we guarantee they will definitely still be talking about this event at the end of the academic year!

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