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New Activities at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium


Heart Heroes

A brand new school workshop for September 2019, Heart Heroes is an interactive biology experience exploring the amazing power of the heart and how we can keep ours healthy. The workshop features augmented reality T-shirts, 3D anatomical models and an optional animal heart dissection. Heart Heroes is delivered at the Science Centre as part of the all-inclusive ‘Ultimate STEM School Trip’. 

-Standard School Rate: £11.50 per student for an all-inclusive school visit package, with discounted rates available for students from eligible schools. 

-Available year-round during term time.

Explorer:Space - Mission:Rescue

Also launching for the new school year is Explorer:Space – Mission:Rescue, an immersive full-day experience delivered inside schools. The challenge puts children at the centre of a space mission to rescue Sophie, an astronaut trapped in space while exploring and exoplanet. During their expedition, they are faced with a series of unexpected events that challenge their success. Using the available tools and resources, the children have to think like engineers to find the missing crew, build and heat shield and safely land a spaceship. To find out more about this fantastic new outreach offer, visit: https://www.winchestersciencecentre.org/schools-and-groups/school-outreach/

-Standard School Rate: £12-20 per student dependent on group size, with discounted rates for students from eligible schools.

-Available year-round during term time.

Website Address: www.winchestersciencecentre.org

Email Address: education@winchestersciencecentre.org

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