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Hood Archery


Suitable for everyone 4 foot 3 inches and above, our sessions can hold up to 8 people, but we’re happy to cater for larger parties on request. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. In addition, both prices include tea/coffee/squash and snacks. Plus the chance to get on the team section of the leaderboards and win a T-shirt should you win the final challenge and join our Band of Noble Outlaws!

Hood Archery Taster – £20  – apx. 1 hour 

Just one round in each range. One arrow at our final challenge.

Hood Archery Experience – £30 – apx. 2 hours

Work through four different themed ranges, each with an individual and a team round. Three arrows at our final challenge.

Practice Session – £20 – apx. 1 hour 

An option for slightly more experienced archers. Roughly an hour of just practise, practise, practise! Just our middle two ranges (Hou Yi and Robin Hood). Mostly self-managed and includes an initial induction. Take on our leaderboard challenge – 36 arrows in Robin Hood’s range to get as many points are you can.

Please read our booking policy prior to booking.

Website Address: www.hoodarchery.com

Email Address: hello@hoodarchery.com

Contact Name: Oscar

Telephone Number: 07368 391 384

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