Great School Trips In Scotland

With more school trips taking place then ever before best value is absolutely crucial and trips abroad are happening less frequently. What’s great is that this forces us to take a look at what’s available closer to home and we often wonder why we were spending so much time and money abroad anyway.

Scotland is a perfect example of great school trips on your doorstep. Easily accessed from any part of the UK, far quicker and cheaper then going abroad and with a magical and diverse array of exciting things to do with school trip children.  Children in your school trip group will find the natural drama of Scotland fascinating, with the mists, deep lakes and leafy forests, crumbling forts and ghosts of Scottish clans, salt breezes and tangy mountain air.

On your school trip to Scotland, explore Scotland’s landscape of lochs and mountains, and its interesting geography. Discover the different historical and culture elements that can be rightly claimed to be unique to this country. From rock to opera, Scottish arts and culture has the power to enthrall, challenge, provoke and inspire And the icing on the cake is that the Scots are warm and friendly to your school trip group, happy to share their passion and knowledge of their wonderful country.

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