Get yer’ Wellies on!

This year is an exciting year, one that aims to teach children a thing or two about the world they live in, the food they eat and where it comes from. It has been named the “Year of Food and Farming” and it could hold the key to success for many farms within the UK. Do you have any idea how many working farms there actually are within the UK? Thousands and thousands! Did you actually know that many of these farms welcome children and school groups to visit them?

Whether it is handling the animals or enjoying a tractor ride around the farm whilst learning about the crop cycle, farms provide a unique and very hands-on learning environment for children. There is more or less one near most schools within the UK,even London city centre boasts an array of ?urban farms?. Furthermore, this inexpensive day out is encouraging a healthier lifestyle, one of fresh air and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

So, your kids don’t like cabbage and squirm at the thought of potatoes? Well, we are all afraid of what we don?t know.

To find open farms in your local area visit our ‘Tailor Your Trip’ page.

by Laura Cuttiford

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