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All through the summer and autumn busy residential months in 2018, Cumulus Outdoors collaborated on the production of promotional videos showcasing the beautifully stunning and dramatic Dorset Jurassic Coast and all of the wonderful activities which can be undertaken here: The Dorset Video Project.

The resulting Cumulus Outdoor video is a short but action-packed snapshot of life in our bespoke school residential camp set in the heart of the Dorset countryside on the shores of Poole Harbour. Here, your students can undertake a range of adventurous outdoor activities to challenge them and you as their teachers can see them blossom and grow under the direction of our experienced and supportive instructors. They also experience the nurturing environment of our 24/7 pastoral care whereby our camp staff provide continuous day and night care ensuring your students’ safety and enjoyment at all times. You can relax in this knowledge and take part in the activities as much or as little as you wish!

Our food is cooked daily on site with plenty of seconds and extra healthy snacks to satisfy ravenous appetites after a day out exploring and adventuring. Then, before bedtime, everyone gathers around the fire pit in our main tipi, to toast marshmallows, share stories of their favourite activities and anticipate what is waiting for them tomorrow.

So, take a look at one of our schools’ memory-making residential experience and see the smiles on the children’s faces – what more could you want?

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