Crime and Punishment School Trips

School groups can experience interactive tours and workshops and investigate topics such as crime and punishment through the ages, Victorian History, capital punishment, rehabilitation and the effects of crime on the victims and families.

Crime & punishment tours and workshops can be experienced in a number of different locations such as prisons, castles and law courts which provide fully immersive interactive experiences by well-trained educational tour guides or experienced ex prison officers.

Crime & punishment tours and workshops generally can be tailored to meet your group’s needs in relation to covering and supporting the national curriculums KS2 and GCSE in Crime and punishment through time.

Learning objectives can cover a multitude of hands on experiences:

Increase knowledge of prison conditions, types of prisoners or inmates, reasons for imprisonment and stories of particular prisoners at that period of time.

Understand the role and working function of that prison or castle in the time period and how this compares to the present day.

National Curriculum links can cover:

The study of changes in aspects of social history, such as crime and punishment from middle ages to the modern day.

Develop enquiry skills by exploring the historical environment through hands on learning and stories

Pupils and students will learn and understand comparisons between their own experience and the lives of people through the ages.

Please see link to some great venues that provide some great experiences on crime and punishment:

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