Crime and Punishment for school trips

All our crime and punishment educational trips include a 1.30 hour guided tour, led by ex-officers with over 200 years’ experience between them in the prison service. From Georgian, to Victorian to the modern day, the ex-officers take you through a prisoner’s journey and the historical journey of the prison itself.

There is also an option to add one or all of the following: –

  • To further help in bringing alive ‘Crime & Punishment’ there is an option to do a 30 minute ‘mini cell escape’. Students will be placed and locked into a cell & given an allotted time to escape using puzzles and clues.


  • Another option consists of a 30-minute prison experience. The students will be processed into prison. They will have their belongings taken from them and issues with a bright orange jump suit.


  • And finally, we offer a Q & A/classroom session. During the session students will get the opportunity to ask as many questions on Crime and Punishment & Victorian History as they like and have discussions with the ex-officers regarding Georgian, Victorian and modern-day prison systems.

Locations: (click below for further information & bookings in relation to tours and workshops)

Shrewsbury Prison Jail house crime & punishment Tours

Shepton Mallet Prison Jail house crime & punishment Tours

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