Celtic Harmony Survive The Iron Age Challenge

Are you looking for a special day out next term to start the year off with a wow?

Look no further! 

Your class can experience The Iron Age Challenge in a real Iron Age village!

In the Famers to Warriors Day, your children start as members of a clan and need to complete tasks to earn Celtic coins and reach the next level of society, from Farmer to Hunter to Craftsperson and then on to become a Warrior. ‘Excellent! We enjoyed the Farmer to Warrior programme it was so varied and the activities suited the age group and kept them interested.’

Jan Hopper,Heath Mount June 2010

A full day of hands-on challenges from 10am until 2.30pm/3pm, Go online today & Guarantee an amazing living history experience for your pupils this autumn term. to www.celticharmony.org/schools

Educational adventures for nursery, primary and secondary pupils are a feature of Celtic Harmony, an authentic Iron Age village set in acres of woodland at Brickendon, Hertfordshire.  Activities include Forest School, the Iron Age Challenge, Archery and Bushcraft Team Building and Survive the Iron Age inset days.

The Iron Age Challenge programme is divided into two sections. From Farmers to Hunters covers Reception to Year 4, while From Farmers to Warriors is for Years 4, 5 and 6.

In From Farmers to Hunters, pupils spend the morning of their visit learning to be millers, weavers or herbal healers and the afternoon developing their skills as hunter-gatherers and traders with Celtic coins. They end their day listening to a story in the Chieftain’s Roundhouse.

Pupils choosing to be millers learn about Celtic herbs, threshing spelt wheat and grinding grain on quern stones, mixing dough and baking bread over the hearth, while the weavers are engaged on combing fleece with carders and spinning to make yarn, weaving on warp weighted looms to make cloth, and dyeing yarn vibrant colours from plants.

For the herbalists, there is instruction in gathering Iron Age plants in Celtic Harmony’s herb garden, dyeing with plants and making medicines from ointments to poultices.

The Traders section of the day has two parts, with the first involving the class swapping real artefacts as pupils, role play as Celtic characters and use numerical problem solving in the trading games to barter for a wide range of goods.

In part two, the pupils undertake trading by swapping their pocket money for Celtic coins to trade for the more precious produce in the village shop, which stocks a wide range of heritage produce supporting local craftsmen.

Moving on to assume the role of hunters, the pupils can test their aim as they hunt wild boar and develop their foraging skills gathering mushrooms and fruit on the Woodland Trail.

As the day ends, pupils gather to listen to a Celtic story and take part in a question-and-answer session before returning to the 21st-century.

The full day of educational and fun hands-on activities, starting at 10am and finishing at about 3pm, costs £9 per child, with adult helpers free.

From Farmers to Warriors for Years 4,5 and 6 enables pupils to test their creative problem-solving skills in a real life challenge in which groups start as members of a clan and need to complete tasks to earn Celtic coins and reach the next level of society, progressing from farmer to hunter to craftsperson and then on to warrior.

Depending on the size of the group, a typical experience will include a morning of longbow archery, a woodland quest , crafting celtic armelets, grinding grain on quern stones and baking bread: followed by an afternoon of Field Archery (using a longbow to shoot 3D animal targets in the woods), spear throwing practice and trading. Again, the day ends with a story plus an award ceremony in the village Roundhouse.

The course costs £15 per student for a full day of hands-on challenges led by experienced education officers and qualified archery leaders and a National Field Archery Society coach.

Several curriculum areas are covered by the activities. Bread-making and plant studies are part of Science and D&T, while trading is part of Numeracy, throwing and aiming assist with PE and storytelling encourages Literacy.

Celtic Harmony also offers team-building for schools in the form of “an inset day with a difference”, called Survive the Iron Age, in which teachers can bring school teams together to have fun and discover skills pursuing the various activities the village offers, including the longbow archery, fire lighting and earning golden coins for the “clan” to be kept fed and survive.

Celtic Harmony is a social enterprise that since 1998 has been promoting a better understanding of the natural world through the Celtic culture. All profit is reinvested in the education project. Teachers receive a free Celtic Harmony handbook when they book on the website.

Celtic Harmony is also a Duke of Edinburgh Award Organisation and the day can contribute to the Skills Section

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