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why indoor climbing is fast becoming a fun fitness favourite


While the digital age has brought about masses of benefits, it has also created generations of gadget addicts, desk jockeys and coach potatoes! Research suggests a link between the rise of technology and plunging levels of fitness, the impact of whic...

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School Trip Team Building Options


Team building is a subject that is commonly desired when it comes to school trips. It is a vital life skill that plays a very important role in the development of young students. Learning how to cooperate and effectively work with other people i...

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School Trips Cumbria


Cumbria is the third largest county in England and is considered to be one of its finest areas of natural beauty. This mountainous county consists predominantly of rural land and holds a wealth of history. The numerous geographical and historical sit...

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School Trip Farms


School trip farms are a very important hands on learning experience and benefits pupils and students alike from immersing themselves in experiencing a working farm in its environment plus you get to learn outside of the classroom. Working farms are l...

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School Trip Computer Science


School trip computer science what is this subject? and what role does it have in today’s environment and where can I take my school group on a computer science school trip.  As the world progresses and develops, technology (computer science...

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School Trip Music Workshops Liverpool At the British Music Experience


British Music Experience Liverpool When you book with the British Music Experience your trip will include a facilitated tour from one of our Learning Crew. The tour takes your class through the decades of music illuminating the historical, social and...

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