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Monkey World is Pleased to have Achieved the Learning Outside the Classroom Award!

Monkey World knows there is more to learning outside the classroom than just monkey-ing around, and so was pleased to receive recognition of the efforts of its education team by the Learning Outside the Classroom accreditation. The Department for Edu...
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The Monkey Mobile - Coming Soon To A Classroom Near You!

The Monkey World education team are pleased to be able to visit more schools now, thanks to the donation of a car from a supporter! Monkey World were grateful to hear they were the recipients of a supporter’s legacy, which included the Toyota IQ2, af...
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why indoor climbing is fast becoming a fun fitness favourite

While the digital age has brought about masses of benefits, it has also created generations of gadget addicts, desk jockeys and coach potatoes! Research suggests a link between the rise of technology and plunging levels of fitness, the impact of whic...
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Visit Bristol’s Historic Houses For your School Trip

Visit Bristol’s Historic Houses Bristol Museums are a place where history comes alive and young minds thrive! The Red Lodge Museum, The Georgian House Museum and Blaise House Museum are no exception.  Experience exciting handling sessi...
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Broxbourne Woods celebrates 30 years of Paintball

The sport of paintball was developed in America. The process of firing a ball of paint was originally developed in 1960s by the Nelson Paint Company. The plan was to create an effective way to mark trees at a distance for felling for the US Forestry ...
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New Activities at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

Heart Heroes A brand new school workshop for September 2019, Heart Heroes is an interactive biology experience exploring the amazing power of the heart and how we can keep ours healthy. The workshop features augmented reality T-shirts, 3D anatomical ...
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