Ancient Greece – one of history’s most captivating time periods! From the introduction of the Olympic Games in 776 BC to Hippocrates (the Father of Western Medicine), the Ancient Greek historical era provides educational groups with much to be explored. And what better way to learn about this fascinating period than with a School Workshop?

Fortunately for you, we have a wide range of Greek History Workshop providers listed on our website. Just click on the individual providers listed below to find more information. One such provider is Portals to The Past, who delivers Workshops that are led by a team of enthusiastic, outgoing specialists. These specialists connect with students at an appropriate level to deliver fantastic History Workshops. There is also Historical Interpretations – a Workshop provider who takes a hands-on approach to historical learning. With a Historical Interpretations Workshop, students will be provided with the opportunity to handle real-life artefacts! And for school groups who want to be educationally inspired, there is Dan Tastic Education. Dan Tastic provides Workshops and Wow Days to primary schools across the country. By both educating and entertaining pupils for a full day, Dan Tastic Workshops will leave students with an insight into the history of Ancient Greece, as well as a thirst for further knowledge.

So, if you’re looking for a Greek History Workshop, UK School Trips has got you covered. 

Historical Workshop Ideas

SV Educational Services Cumbria

Fun Science workshops are available to primary schools and include a variety of ways of teaching curriculum science that may be beyond the scope of usual science lessons.

Viking Experience Days – Primary School Workshops in the Midlands

Viking Experience Days deliver Viking Workshops directly to your school! Your educational group will be provided with a top quality school trip experience without having to leave the classroom.

Winding House History Workshops South Wales

The Winding House is now offering history workshops that will immerse your educational group in the history of South Wales. These workshops take an interactive approach, providing hands on activities that explore the real stories of the valleys.

Portals To The Past School History Workshops

All our workshops are run by enthusiastic, outgoing specialists, who know how to connect with students at the appropriate level.

Dan Tastic Education

Dan Tastic Education provides a fabulous service for primary school students in which they can be inspired through the use of Workshops and Wow Days. Whether you want to study pirates or princesses, Dan has the workshop for you!

PrimeVR Virtual Reality School Workshops Nationwide

PrimeVR is the UK's leading VR workshop provider and it's no wonder why! PrimeVR uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the outside world into the classroom, creating a learning experience like no other.

Dance Days Educational Dance Workshops London

Dance Days delivers educational Workshops where pupils have the chance to learn through over 30 different dance styles, many of which link directly to school projects and topics. This is particularly popular for schools hosting multicultural events.

Historical Interpretations Hands on History Workshops North of England

Historical Interpretations History Workshops provide “Hands on History” for KS2 classes up to University students. Areas covered are York, Oxford and the North of England. However, if requested, we can travel to any part of the UK.

Topic Takeover Days by the National Emergency Services Museum

Topic Takeover Days provide educational groups with amazing and engaging Workshop experiences that include role play, costumed characters, interactive activities, and team games.

Celtic Harmony Camp Prehistory Remote Learning Programme

Celtic Harmony is offering a nationwide remote learning workshop, where students can have the school trip experience without having to break any social distancing rules!

Tower Bridge Workshops London

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your literacy topic, an opportunity for young historians to test their enquiry skills, or for a school trip experience that brings STEM topics to life, Tower Bridge's learning programme has got you covered.
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