Inspiring a Resilient Mindset at Skern Lodge Centre




Free educational CPD session between 9am and 1pm

We welcome champions of outdoor learning from schools and groups to join us for family-friendly talks and activity taster sessions.

This event, ‘Inspiring a Resilient Mindset ‘ is a free educational CPD session at our Kingswood Centre.

Our Head of Impact and Learning, Dr John Allan, will be sharing research-informed, practical ways you can develop resilience and a growth mindset in your pupils. This will be achieved through combining interactive outdoor learning and reflection to help you understand how to enable young people to thrive, think more clearly, and support a journey of personal growth in their everyday lives.

You’re welcome to bring your family with you – they’ll be entertained whilst you learn, and you will be able to enjoy fun, adventure activities together too! Refreshments will also be provided.

Inspiring Learning’s family of brands have been providing award-winning transformative school residential trips for over 40 years, encouraging young people to build self-confidence and resilience. We’re excited to welcome you!

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