Games Careers Week at The National Videogame Museum


24-06-2024 to 30-06-2024


The National Videogame Museum is hosting a variety of events from the 24th – 30th June for Games Careers Week.

Discover your pathway into the creative world with their two day Careers Fair or sample a taster of a future career in their many workshops available throughout the week.⁠

What’s On:

> 25th & 26th June: Games Careers Fair (1pm-4pm)

Featuring exhibitors from games studios and educational institutions as well as drop in workshops from The Sheffield College.

> 27th June: QA Tester Drop-in Session (1pm-4pm)

Learn how to find and fix bugs in the popular party game Gang Beasts.

> 28th June: Esports Interactive Session (1pm-4pm)

Learn how to livestream and create content with Sheffield United Community College.

> 29th June: Character Design Workshop (10am-1pm / 2pm-5pm⁠)

Learn how to draw and design your favourite (or new!) videogame characters

> 30th June: Pixel Art Workshop (10am-1pm / 2pm-5pm⁠)

Learn how to create and animate a pixel art videogame character

Tickets to the NVM’s events can be purchased through their website. Entry includes both access to the advertised event and the Museum’s gallery of interactive games and exhibitions.

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