Disappearing Act at The Mumford Theatre


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The Mumford Theatre 2

Disappearing Act at The Mumford Theatre

‘Disappearing Act’ by Open Sky, produced by Turtle Key Arts will be taking place on Saturday 22nd February at 7.30pm. Blending new-writing and visual physical theatre, Open Sky tells the tale of magician’s assistant Edie Rose. On the eve of her fortieth year Edie Rose is finally hosting her own show. To assist she conjures up two versions of herself, one younger and one older. Together the three Edies (aged 20, 40 and 60) re-examine the loves, hopes and losses of her life using séance, mentalism and dark, mysterious magic. The Disappearing Act is an alchemy of perspectives: the hopefulness of youth, the wisdom of experience and the disappearing act of ageing.


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