Bronze Age and Iron Age Inset Day

13-05-2019 to 17-04-2019

Areas Served: East of England | London

Celtic Harmony 2

Bronze Age INSET Day: 13th May, 3-6 pm

Iron Age INSET Day: 17th June, 3-6 pm 

Designed for teachers and history enthusiasts, these INSET days will help to support your KS2 topic, "Britain from the Stone to the Iron Age" and will give you a unique opportunity to learn and teach more about our past through hands-on experiences. 

During the Bronze Age Day, our heritage director, Luca Parrella, primitive skills expert, will show you the impressive developments in the Bronze Age. You can have a go at making your own beaker pottery and also learn how to weave wool on our warp-weighted looms! Furthermore, step into the shoes of a Bronze Age innovator, guided by an interactive talk, with a storytelling style, by local archaeologist Keith Fitzpatrick Matthews.

Our Iron Age Dayis also fast approaching with an interactive talk and workshops on our INSET Day! You will learn how to grind grain on quern stones and make medicine with herbs.

If yourself and one of your colleagues come along to our INSET Day together, all you need to do is purchase one ticket by following the link and then email us at with the subject, “Bring a Friend” and the name of your colleague. We will then look forward to seeing you both at the camp!

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