Surfing Croyde Bay Devon Surf + Coasteering Experiences 6to1 teaching ratio

02-11-2023 to 31-12-2023

Areas Served: South West

Adventure Activity Learning


 Surfing Croyde Bay isn't just another school trip destination; it's a place where the waves whisper stories of adventure, and the rugged coastline beckons with its untamed beauty. Here, we believe in offering an experience that goes beyond the usual – it’s about creating life-changing moments and unforgettable memories for students.

Our surf lessons are tailored to inspire, challenge, and instill a sense of achievement in every student, regardless of their experience level. As they stand up on the board, riding the wave back to shore, it's not just about the surf; it's about conquering fears and discovering new strengths.

Coasteering, on the other hand, is an adventure that takes students along the stunning Croyde coastline. They’ll scramble over rocks, swim through gullies, and build up their jumps into the ocean below. It’s a hands-on lesson in geography, but far more thrilling than any classroom could provide.

These experiences at Surfing Croyde Bay don't just end when the day does. They linger as stories that students share, bonds they’ve formed, and lessons they’ve learned. It's about teamwork, as they cheer each other on and share memories of being immersed in the elements, catching waves. It's about resilience, learning that falling off the board only means you get back up and try again. And most importantly, it's about connecting with nature in its rawest form.

A: Baggy Lodge, Moor Lane, Croyde EX331PA
C: Deb Taylor on 0800 188 4860

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