Music Tours

Music tours offer a more creative and intriguing school trip experience for pupils and students who are looking to further their musical abilities. Whether your pupils or students are interested in the business and history of music or even the marketing that comes alongside this, or are simply captivated by the intricate art of playing a musical instrument, our music tours provide something for everyone. Music is a diverse and inspiring subject, where students can learn to express themselves through a more artistic outlet. The music tours that we offer provide musical students with the artistic environment that they require in order to develop their musical talents. Students will have the opportunity to get their hands-on top-quality instruments and explore legendary music memorabilia. As well as this, classes will also be educated in the history of music, focusing on how it has affected the cultures and heritages of our world today. Music tours are an immersive and interactive experience, meaning that both students and teachers will be fully engaged at all times. This is the perfect school trip for students who excel artistically and learn better through a more interactive approach. However, the fun atmosphere and stimulating teaching that is provided on these music tours will ensure that all students have an enjoyable experience.

British Music Experience in Liverpool, students can immerse themselves into a museum of musical history and knowledge. On this musical school trip, students can discover legendary music memorabilia and get their hands on top quality musical instruments.
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